Our ancestors knew something we've forgotten as a modern society...

That our moon plays a huge role in our bodies, mind, emotions.

The plant realm.

The oceans and rivers.

And all of life on Earth.

Ancient civilzations followed a 28 day lunar calendar, allowing it to guide them through life.  They knew that the phases and astrological signs that the moon passed through held deep significance, guidance, and wisdom.

When we tap in, our SIster Moon allows our Divine Feminine creative expression to bloom and flourish.  

When we tap into her cycles, we sync our cycles with her.

When we tap in, we begin flowing with the natural rhythms we're meant to reside and create in rather than the "forced" nature that so many of us have fallen into in our patriarchal society.

With this society beginning to crumble as we know it, it's important now that ever to begin tapping back into our natural rhythm and flow.

To tap back into our intuition, honoring and trusting her to guide us.

To tap back into our infinite potential as the creators we are, allowing our Divine Feminine energy to create ripples of healing energy throughout the Collective.


Attune With The Moon

28 Days to of Moon Magick & Guidance to Tune Into Your Natural Rhythm of Feminine Creation.

How Does It Work?

When you enroll, you'll receive a link to our Private FB Group.  This is where we can connect, share, and learn together. 

You'll also have access to 3 live rituals within the group:

an Opening Ceremony for the New Moon

A Full Moon Releasing & Healing Ritual

A Closing Ceremony on the following New Moon

You'll also be given updates as the moon flows through her phases and each astrological sign, 

what they mean for you, and supplemental info & healing resources for each phase and sign.

Depending on the phase and astrological sign, you will receive:

-Journal Prompts for introspection

-Action Steps for integration

-Healing meditations & mini ritual ideas

-oracle card pulls for additional guidance

-DIY ideas

-ways to deepen your connection to your intuition, expand on your gifts/abilities, and get into your unique creative flow

-Special Samhain Celebration on All Hallows Eve

-Special Day of the Dead Ancestral Celebration on 11/2

We begin October 16th on the New Moon in Libra

& end October 15th on the New Moon in Scorpio

Total Cost: $44


Attune With The Moon

28 Days to of Moon Magick & Guidance to Tune Into Your Natural Rhythm of Feminine Creation.

IMPORTANT:  If there are issues with the payment link, you can send your payment directly to paypal.me/raiseyourvibesco

Enrollment is open until 10/14!

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