Are you ready to use your intuitive gifts to help provide healing sessions for others?


The Self Paced Chakra Certification Course

Within this self paced & guided course, you'll learn the tools to begin practicing chakra healing & alignment on yourself, friends, family, and even clients of your own.

This course offers a beautiful way to practice self love and inner awareness by providing this deep level of healing for yourself.

The tools learned can also be utilized in a business setting and offers amazing insights into energy healing that can be used in a variety of ways.

Within this course, you'll learn:

-Awakening Your "Healers Hands"

-Energy Scanning

-Tuning In

-Removing vs Cutting Energetic Cords

-Removing Blockages

-Energy Healing

-Closing Out & Expression of Gratitude

-Meeting Your Clients Unique Energetic Needs

-The importance of energetic detox & self care

This certification course includes:

-Video Training

-Workbook with Prompts

-Ideas for self care and energetic maintenance

In order to qualify for certification, each student MUST:

-Perform at least 10 self healings and 10 healings on friends/family/pets and provide documented dates/times/and info on each healing so I can ensure the important work is being done.

-Submit the final exam and send me an email at letting me know it has been submitted so I can review your answers.  Only after careful review will I let you know if you passed and provide your certificate through email, or let you know where you need more practice before passing.

If you're ready to use your innate gifts and love for all things spiritual to open yourself up to the deepest level of self love there is while having the opportunity to assist others in healing & raising their vibes...this course is for you!

The total cost for this program is $197

Due to the nature of this course, I do not offer refunds or payment plans at this time.  

Thank you for your understanding.

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