Here at Raise Your Vibes Co, my proven methodology is a blend of shadow work, light work, kundalini, & intuitive living.  

It pulls upon my 6+ years experience in providing healing sessions, alongside my innate spiritual gifts, background in psychology, work in metaphysical sciences, & certificates in energetic mastery.

With this wisdom and my soul's mission, I bring you:


Through this work, students are able to:

return home to themselves

embrace their magic

stand empowered

& live in authentic embodiment while honoring their unique gifts & bringing their soul's mission to life.

These women are changing the game & paving the road for future generations as we ascend collectively.

Expansive Energies Collective is a 6 week group program that teaches women to becomes masters of their energy to truly change the world from the inside out.

Expansive Energies Collective

6 Weeks of Deep Healing Shadow Work, Remembering Your Inner Magic, and Stepping Back Into Empowered Alignment With Your Soul's Mission.

Are You Ready To Master Your Energy?




Hey Lovely,


Let me guess…


You KNOW you were meant for more,

For bigger and greater things,

But you aren’t sure what exactly or how to achieve it.


You want to make positive changes, but you self sabotage and stay stuck in the same loop.

You crave a life that FEELS good and brings you love, happiness, success, and fulfillment...but you’re easily overwhelmed and begin making up excuses when the opportunity does present itself.


You are a spiritual woman with a fuckton of knowledge and wisdom...but struggle to actually embody this wisdom in your daily life thus leading to “imposter syndrome” and not embracing your authenticity.

Even after the hours of meditation, spiritual work, and endless manifestation and releasing still feel STUCK.  

Even after the shadow work and working to face your still find yourself full of doubt, guilt, shame, and even depression and anxiety-leading you to wonder what you're doing wrong.

Even though you've chosen a different path, one that lights you up and makes you feel still feel like you don't know how to move forward on your path and find yourself feeling frustrated and desperate to try anything, hoping that it will work (we refer to this as the "throwing pasta at the wall and hoping something sticks" method).

I get it, I’ve been there.

Done that.

I KNOW the cycle of excitement--->planning--->self limiting beliefs creep in--->self sabotage

--->collapse in on self like a dying star--->repeat.

I know it’s exhausting and overwhelmingly frustrating, to say the least.

Why does this happen?

Why do you fear and reject change so much, even when it’s positive?

Because you have YEARS (and often generations) of self limiting beliefs, money stories, trauma induced blockages, and fears that you’ve let pile up like an extreme episode of hoarders within your body and energy.

As women, we’ve been taught for generations and essentially since birth in this lifetime to be “of service” to others, and put our wants/needs on the backburner.  This is how women fall into the “take care of everyone else” routine where you end up never pouring back into yourself.

What does this look like?

Never getting around to starting that business that lights you up.

Never establishing that self care routine you need (I’m looking at YOU ladies that are only finding the time to shower once a week!)

Never finishing those projects you’ve started 43 times.

Insert other things lingering in the back of your mind that bring you disappointment and heartache.

Are you ready to end the cycles?

Are you ready to get crystal clear on your purpose and live a life of intention and magic that is as unique as you?

Are you ready to step into elevated vibrations, aligned with your soul’s mission, fueled with abundance, and truly OWN your path?


Are you ready to master your energy and embody your authenticity, basking in the freedom it brings?


Are you ready to truly LOVE yourself and live life confidently and passionately?


Expansive Energies Collective is the program for you!


Inside EEC, you’ll become part of a beautiful sisterhood of women ready to master their unique energetic blueprint and become conscious creators of their reality.

Together, you’ll learn how to make life happen FOR you, rather than TO you. AKA...become a MASTER MANIFESTOR.


You’ll dive deep into your shadows in order to strip yourself energetically down to your base foundation and get in touch with who you truly are (minus all the BS that life has conditioned and molded you to fit) and become FRIENDS with your fears, shadows, and ego so you can lead from your soul self.

You’ll take the tools and wisdom learned in shadow work and apply it to your light work.  This is where you ascend into a higher vibration, become a magnet for growth and opportunity, and begin consciously creating the life of your dreams.

Ladies...don't you think it's time to learn to embrace our full embodied authenticity?


This program is designed to guide you to embrace and honor both your shadows as well as your light.


Let's be real...your shadow self and light self are two sides of the same coin.

Both make up the unique, expansive woman that you are.


So why do we bury our shadows so deep?

Why do we sweep them under the rug each time they come to our attention?

Why do we continue to suffer and struggle to understand who we "truly are" and often feel like an imposter in our own lives, always searching for outside validation and inspiration of who we could potentially become?


Because we're not honoring the unique blueprint of our fullest expression.

We're not embracing the essence of who you are, even the parts that are a little dark and scary.


When those shadows come up, you get scared and stuff them back down rather than turning into them and giving them your full attention and love.


I get it, I've been where you are before.


I've been plagued by my shadows and fears.


I've stuffed them down for so long that my cup ran over and resulted in a year of extreme depression and crippling anxiety.


Ultimately this led to my "dark night of the soul", where I finally experienced a spiritual death and rebirth.

This only happened when I had finally had enough and decided as a last resort to turn inwards and face my shadows head on.


This is when my healing bloomed and I began taking the steps to becoming the fully integrated woman I am today!

However, I did it alone.  Lost.  Confused.  And it took me 6 YEARS to learn the tools of energetic mastery and apply them into my own life.  That's why it's my mission to help guide and support women through their healing so that they don't go through the same confusion, loneliness, and lack of clarity and can master their energy in 6 WEEKS rather than 6 YEARS.

Because as your mentor...I'm a bridge between you and your Highest Self.

I'm an expander for what's possible for you.



Are you ready to bloom?


Take a deep breath, relax your mind, and imagine this…


You wake up and breathe in gratitude.


You begin your morning self care routine of journaling, yummy tea, and grounding outside with Mama Gaia in your beautiful garden.


You awaken the love of your life and kiddos with healthy, delicious breakfast.


After breakfast, you go into your office space and begin your work day, happily, because your work feels more like play and lights you up.


Everything flows with ease.


Opportunities present themselves out of thin air, almost the moment you begin thinking about it.


You create with such beauty and grace, almost as if by magic.


You are totally tapped into yourself and Universal Flow, vibrating high af.


When you’ve finished your work, you spend the rest of the day exploring, playing, going to lunch, and truly ENJOYING your time with your family.


You dance around your dream kitchen, in your dream house, as you make dinner.


You put the kiddos to bed, simply overpouring with love.


You settle in for some 1:1 time with your significant other, filled to the brim with happiness and able to truly express and receive the love you share.


And you go to bed truly fulfilled, at peace, and in complete gratitude for this beautiful life that YOU have created for yourself.

You are completely showing up authentically as yourself each day, living your best life each day, fulfilling your soul's mission...


THIS can be the outcome of graduating from Expansive Energies Collective and applying the tools you’ll learn into your daily life!



P.S….If you’re still reading, take it as an intuitive nudge.  


Your intuition led you here for a reason!

All the details


A 6 week course designed to awaken your innate gifts & power as the Divine Goddess you truly are!


Within Expansive Energies Collective, we go over 5 modules + 1 introductory module.


The first 2 modules are all about shadow work. This work is tough. Not going to sugar coat it. It's going to shake up the very core of who you thought you were and energetically strip you back down to your foundation. This is necessary to remove any patterns, karma, energetic cords and ties, as well as stuck/stagnant energy that has been holding you back from embodying your fullest expression.


Week 3 is all about getting to know the TRUE you on a soul level, without the mold or expectation that others and society have tried to set for you. This is a period of setting intentions and coming up with an action plan that is specific to your unique energetic blueprint.


The last 2 modules are all about light work. This is where we begin integrating your passion, goals, and soul led intentions into your everyday life so you can begin actually SHOWING UP embodying your Highest Self in this lifetime. This is how you open up and expand your aura to receiving mode and begin actively creating the life of your dreams, pulling in opportunities like a magnet everywhere you go!

Unlike other programs, I don't implement a "one size fits all" approach. 
I realize that we are all different & at different stages in our lives, which should be celebrated! 
That's why we begin our journey together by coming up with a plan that suits your needs for where you are on your journey, and your future goals.  I connect & get to know you personally, working with you 1 on 1 as well as in a group setting to ensure your specific goals are met.

Inside the Expansive Energies Collective, you will learn to:

  • Master your energy through the 3 pillars: Balance, Embodiment, & Integration

  • Live in divine flow with the Universe (no more forcing & wondering why "it" isn't working!)

  • Unlock your inner divinity (aka that special magic gift you have that is unique to YOU, aka your superpower!)

  • Live in alignment with your soul's mission

  • Become a clear vessel for guidance with a magnetic & radiant aura that draws in opportunity

  • Balance your divine femininity & masculinity

  • Release self-limiting beliefs & thought patterns, fears, & generational trauma.

  • Channel messages & guidance from your Higher Self

  • Gain confidence, clarity, & love the Amazing woman you ARE!

& Ultimately Return Back Home to YOU.
Living, Embodying, & Honoring Your True Soul's Essence With the Tools to Continue Healing, Integrating, and BLOOMING Along Your Journey.  Remembering that YOU are your own guru, healer, and teacher.

This is TRUE Energetic Mastery!


How Does The Program Work?


We will work together through five modules over 6 weeks.


You're currently in your seed state. 

Seeds have the miraculous ability to lay dormant for YEARS, just waiting for the right conditions to burst forth and come to life.  

You have all the seeds of creation laying within, waiting for you to give them the love and attention they need to come to life.  The first thing we do together is work together 1:1 to come up with a plan that works for you, decide which seeds you want to bring to life, how we're going to cultivate them, and set your intentions for the program.  This is how we Plant the Seeds.  Once the program begins, we work through five modules together:




During the "Break" module, we will break open the seeds you've planted while also working to break soul contracts, break the mold and conditioning that has been set by family and society, and break down the walls you've built around yourself.  This will begin opening you up to the deeper level of healing and growth that's to come.


During the "Dirt" module, we will work to strip everything that does not serve your highest good and get you back down to the base foundation of who you are (aka, your ROOTS).  We will do this with deep Shadow Work that includes Energetic Cord Removal, Confronting your fears, letting go of shame and guilt, healing ancestral and generational trauma, removing karma from past lives, seeing your blocks and resistance even subconsciously and learning to release them from your aura and physical body.  This is deep work across multiple timelines and dimensions and we work deep into your subconscious programming.  Think of the plant emerging from your seed, stretching through the dark dirt.  This is important inner work.


Finally, a breath of fresh air as you emerge from the dirt and push through to the surface!  During the "Surface" module, we'll begin working on self love.  You will learn to set (and keep!) healthy boundaries, practice self care, adopt a healthier lifestyle (whatever that means for you!) and a healthy body image to go with it.  We'll work on setting intentions, manifesting, working towards our goals, and integrating mindfulness into your day to day.


During the "Grow" module, we'll begin working on positive self growth while raising our vibrations and maintaining a balance of energies.  You'll learn who your authentic Soul Self is and how to embody her each day.  You'll learn to recognize triggers and patterns when they come up, and learn the tools to work through them with the trust of your intuition.  This module is all about integration and embodiment by holding yourself accountable!


In the final module "Bloom", we will LEVEL UP.  You'll begin flowing with the Universe, allowing your intuition to be your inner guide, and actively creating your life the way you want to.  In "Bloom", you'll learn how to channel, meet Higher aspects of yourself, dive into your akashic records, quantum jump and create wrinkles in time-meaning you'll reach goals faster and easier.  You'll learn what your soul's mission is in this lifetime and raise your vibration to meet the frequency of your mission.  At this point, you'll already be living in aligned balance!

Hear From Some of My Clients


"Zalyssa is wonderfully insightful, encouraging and authentic. I enjoyed all our conversations before and after she did a reading for me. I'd recommend her if you're looking for any guidance, affirmation or support in your life." -Brittani M.


"After doing the Naadi Kriya, the Sacral Chacra Meditation, then the “befriending your fears and shadows” and “guilt and shame in women” today.... WOW!
That was some heavy shit, I wept with my inner child during these prompts. Incredibly heavy, truly meaningful, deeply profound." -Yliana C.


"Thank you so much for being such an incredible support system and holding space for me during this process. It truly means the world to me to have a genuine and wonderful spiritual guide/coach/friend going through this process (both of healing, expanding, and also moving)." -Valerie K.

"My session with Zalyssa came at the perfect time. I’ve been feeling lethargic and aimless. Her energy is pure love and I could even feel it over video. Even before she began I was experiencing deep relaxation just from coming into contact with her energy. My experience with Zalyssa was absolutely incredible... We were working together on a subconscious level, yet I was completely and utterly relaxed in my physical body. I felt a sense of peace and comfort that I haven’t felt in a very long time. She is extremely powerful and I felt like I shed my skin and became a new person during our session. Can’t recommend her highly enough!! Thank you so much!" -Jennifer C.



Is this a business mentorship?


While it’s not a business mentorship program, 95% of students are either small business owners or create their dream business as a result of this program.  Most students begin seeing growth and success within their business right away.  This is due to the boosted confidence and authenticity in yourself as you begin to master your energy as well as shedding blockages/self limiting beliefs/fears that typically hold you back from success.  In business, your aura is your best advertisement.  


If you are searching for specific business mentorship, I do offer 1:1 custom mentorship as well.  Feel free to reach out with any questions!


Is this a scheduled course or “do at your own pace”?


This course is scheduled.  However I understand that life happens and we get busy, so as a student you have lifetime access to the coursework (as well as any updates I do in the future) so you can always catch up or reflect back as needed.


What resources are provided?

You’ll have access to the online coursework through Thinkific on the program start date.

Each module is outlined within the coursework for you to go through at your own pace throughout the week.  Each module contains video training, guided meditations, and supplemental journal prompts/worksheets.  I recommend spreading the work out over the course of the week so you don’t overwhelm yourself energetically and have time to truly integrate the lessons.  We will have weekly scheduled group Sacred Circle calls that will be determined within the private FB Group.


Is there 1:1 guidance provided?

Each week during the group call, you have the opportunity for 1:1 guidance + Q&A.


Are there payment plans available?

There are payment plans available listed below.  If you’d like to be part of the program but can’t meet the payment plans listed, please reach out and we can set something up that works for you.

Are there refunds available?

Due to the nature of the program and the work put into it, there are no refunds available.  You will still have access to coursework if you are not able to participate in Sacred Circle calls and replay videos will be sent out to watch in your own time.

What is the outcome of this program?


Within EEC, you'll become your own healer.

Your own guru.

You'll wake up and be reminded that all the answers you seek, everything you need, is within you. Just waiting for you to go within and access the codes to your success.

I'm not saying there won't be tough days or even bad days, that's unreasonable and BS.

I'm saying that you'll have the spiritual strength, resilience, and tools to face your shadows each time they come up.

The more we learn, the deeper we go into ourselves and peel back the layers...the more we will need to heal.

Healing is a lifelong journey, as is learning. There is no "end destination", it's a continuous journey of growth.

EEC will give you all the tools and techniques along with guidance and support to go within, do the necessary healing work, and integrate the lessons into your everyday life-no matter what stage you're in. Allowing you to go through your journey without fear, and flowing with the Universe and her lessons rather than struggling and fighting against it.

They say that when the student is ready...the teacher will appear.

If you feel called to work with me & are ready to dive DEEP...then apply today!

From your application, I'll determine if the program is right for you at this time.  If it's a yes, then I'll reach out to schedule a 1:1 Alignment Call with you!

Together, we will discuss your desires & what you want to gain out of this program. The energy scan will help us see where you are energetically, & where you're asking to be healed.

I want to ensure we're a good fit and that you're truly ready to begin this sacred journey.  If after our session I feel you're not ready quite yet or that we're not a good match...I will gladly point you in the right direction of my other resources to get you ready for future enrollment.

As a student of Expansive Energies Collective, you'll receive:

  • Access to the Private FB Group where you will connect with other women in the program, learn, share, & grow together!  Because when we support and grow together, beautiful things happen!  THAT is empowerment!

  • Video training within each module for setting intentions and taking aligned action to create the life that you're meant to live.

  • Weekly Sacred Circle where we connect for group as well as 1:1 training and guidance (5 total)

  • Availability to connect with me anytime, ask questions, & receive accountability throughout your journey

  • 5 Kriyas to clear your energy and raise your vibes

  • 5 Guided Chakra Meditations you can practice each day

  • Various Guided Healing Meditations in each module

  • Moon Magick Guidance within the FB Group

  • Journals & Worksheets for each module with exercises for integration & embodiment

  • 10% off ALL future courses & goodies in Raise Your Vibes Co

  • Lifetime access to coursework, including all new/updated info

  • FREE entry to yearly retreats where we gather together in person for healing & empowerment as a Collective!

  • Access to Alumni FB Group to continue your growth & connection


This course is NOT for women who:

X Are comfortable where they are and aren't open to change and growth.

X Are scared to go deep into the healing work first and would rather only practice "love and light"

X Want to stay hidden and kept small in their bubble rather than expand

X Are willing to half-ass the work and not put the effort into their healing

X Feel they already "know it all" and don't need to further their growth

X Don't consistently show up not only in the course, but for THEMSELVES each and everyday

X Would rather experience growth alone rather than supported in a group environment (NOTE: If this is you...I also offer this coursework alongside 1:1 mentorship.  Please reach out for more information!)

This course is for women who:

✓ Are ready to get clear on their mission, ignite their fiery passion, & pave the way for future generations of leading women

✓ Are ready to realize & embody their power as a creator & are ready to bring their dreams to life

✓ Are ready to become leaders in their community, changing the world from the inside out

✓ Are ready to be empowered, stand in their truest essence, practice (and preach!) self love, be guided and supported while also holding space to guide and support others.

✓ Are ready to go ALL IN to do the healing shadow work necessary for this sacred transformation.


Guess What? 

It's OKAY to want and need a coach to help, support, and guide you along this crazy journey we call life. 

Olympic athletes are literally the best in the world at what they do...and THEY have coaches to help get them there!  


Say yes to the opening of your soul, and watch your life bloom right before your eyes.


It only takes 21 days to break old habits & form new habits...
Imagine what we will accomplish together in 6 weeks.


Course Begins July 15, 2020.
There are only 12 spaces available.

Enrollment is Open Now!



Payment Option: $550/ month for 2 months

Pay in Full: $1,099



Pay in full $997

or 2 monthly payments of $500

Schedule your free Alignment Call below!

Email with any questions.

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