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Hello!  My name is Zalyssa.

I'm a mama to 2 boys living happily with the love of my life in Vegas.

So happy to have you within my little corner of the Universe!

Here at Raise Your Vibes, my proven methodology is a blend of shadow work & light work, moon guidance, plant medicine, ritual/ceremonial work, and intuitive living.  It pulls upon my 6+ years of experience in providing healing session and guidance, work in metaphysical sciences, background in psychology as well as philosophy, and certificates of energetic mastery.

In the beginning, I struggled with crippling anxiety and manic depression.  I was lost, confused, and settling into a life of mediocrity because it was "comfortable and expected of me".  I've taken all of the tools I've learned throughout my journey to create mentorship, guidance, and support during your own journey, wherever that may be.

Through this work, students are able to return home to themselves, embrace their magic, stand empowered, and live in authentic embodiment while honoring their unique gifts and bringing their soul's mission to life.

The women I work with are changing the game and paving the way for future generations as we ascend collectively.

Raise Your Vibes is a gobal movement of women learning to become masters of their energy to truly change the world from the inside out.

Feel free to reach out to me through email or social media anytime, I'd love to connect more with you!

Thank you for being in my energetic space, I look forward to becoming a part of your journey.


Like the Moon, I Go Through Phases Too..


Inquiries, Feedback, & Anything Else.

With Zalyssa

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