30 EASY Ways to Practice Self Care EACH DAY

It's no secret, practicing self care is ESSENTIAL to living a happy, healthy, more peaceful life.

All over social media you see #SelfLove and #SelfCare...but how many of us are ACTUALLY practicing it daily?

How many of you can honestly say that you love yourself, express love to yourself, and follow through with caring actions for yourself that promote balanced, healthy living?


Yeah, not too many people unfortunately. And even those that do practice self love fall off from time to time.

It's okay, it's human nature.

Don't beat yourself up over it, that's not the purpose of this blog post!

Instead, just take a moment to go within and be honest with yourself.

Take slow, deep breaths and tune into your body.

What does your body need right now?

Where can you show love and gratitude to your body?

What is your body bringing to your attention?

Take note of these things. It's something that can (and should!) be done daily as it only takes a minute of your time yet makes a world of difference. (Speaking of gratitude, check out my latest post on how practicing daily gratitiude changes your entire life!M V )

Self care doesn't mean daily massages at a fancy spa, relaxing beach side with a margarita in your hand, or even going to the gym daily like you often see on social media.

Self care is FOR YOU. It means something different to everyone, as everyone is wonderfully unique and at different stages of their life.

For the workaholic, self care might be relaxing in bed with a good book and yummy food for an afternoon.

For the mom of 5 kids, self care might be a bath at the end of the day with some salts and oils.

For the struggling college student, self care might be that free meditation class offered at the library.

That's the beauty of the human experience- everyone's experience is unique to them and can be created in any way they please!

In my opinion, there's only ONE RULE TO SELF CARE:

Take a balanced mind, body, soul approach.

For example: When I first wake up, I drink some water and practice gratitude. Then I do some light yoga and stretching to wake my body up and take the time to tune in, seeing what my body needs that day. I go outside and ground with Mama Gaia and do some sun gazing while I have tea heating up inside. While I sip my tea, I journal my intentions for the day and finish with a meditation. After I do all that...THEN I check my phone for emails/messages/social media and get to work on my to do list for the day.

You can see with my morning routine that I honor my body with yoga, water, and tea.

I honor my mind with journaling and gratitude practices.

I honor my soul with gratitude, grounding, and meditation.

And my whole routine only takes about an hour!

I know many people are busy and don't have an hour of free time in the morning.

And not all people are tea people.

Or morning people for that matter.

But this is what works FOR ME and feels good FOR ME on my unique journey of the human experience.

And it took quite a bit of trial and error to find what worked and didn't work for me, which is okay!

The entirety of our journal is a culmination of trial and error. Trying things out, seeing what fits us and what doesn't.

To help give you some ideas and get you started on your journey to self care, I compiled 30 EASY ways to practice self care-many of which can be practiced each day! Check them out!

Some of these practices are pretty big and require you to let go of some fear and think outside of the box, which you can learn more about in my blog post about setting intentions to create the life of your dreams.

But many of them are simple enough to do daily and is a great way to start incorporating self care into your daily practice!

What is your favorite way to practice self care?

Do you have a routine?

Share below!

For behind the scenes and daily content, be sure to follow my journey on Instagram!

P.S., I'd LOVE it if you tagged me in your self care practices and rituals so I can support you!

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