5 Tips For Enhancing Your Intuition

This post was written by Megan Vesterdahl with permission to share.

Did you know that having a good relationship with your intuition is absolutely NECESSARY for intentional manifestation?

That means that those gut hunches, inner knowings, and moments of clarity are commonplace for those who are manifestation experts.

"But Megan...I'm not that great at listening to my intuition..."

Never fear sister friend...

If you feel like you are in the baby leagues when it comes to understanding and using your intuition, I've got 5 tips below that will help you get that intuition muscle working.

Just like building a muscle, growing a powerful relationship with your intuition takes time and practice.

Each of the steps below are exercises that will open you up to communication with that all-knowing part of you. 

Get ready sister friend...your intuition LOVES when you open yourself to communication and is like the bff you didn't know you had.

So without further ado...let's dive in.

Tip #1:  Body Checks

To use this exercise:

Set a timer on your phone periodically throughout the day.  Each time the timer goes off, check in with your body.  Scan it and sense where there is tightness, what you are feeling, and anything that is coming up for you.  What is your body trying to tell you?  Breathe and tune in.

Your body is an excellent communicator sister...this exercise will help you start hearing the abundance of knowledge it can share with you.

Tip #2: Be Lead    

This one requires you to put down the GPS and get out of your routine sis.  

To use this exercise:

Take time and just go where you are guided to go.  Whether it is driving or walking, allow yourself to wander and just allow your feelings to be your guide.  Does a left turn sound intriguing?  What about walking in that new neighborhood?  Does a pop in to that Starbucks you usually pass by sound fun?  

Tune into your body and listen to where it guides you.  Have no agenda other than just to tune in and be lead.  You might be surprised at the miracles and fun surprises you find.

*Note: I recommend only listening to music or things that will NOT distract you while doing this exercise.  You need to be fully present to listen to that intuition.

Tip #3: Cook by Instinct

To use this exercise:

It's time to play in the kitchen!  Instead of following a recipe, simply cook by instinct.  Grab your favorite ingredients and play.  Allow your intuition to guide you with which spices to add, how long to cook it, etc.

I know it can be tough to let go of needing a recipe but I promise you can make something super delicious if you listen to your intuition.  Some of my best cooking adventures have come while doing this and leaving a recipe behind.

Tip #4: Play with Cards

To use this exercise:

Grab a tarot or oracle deck and play.  Start picking up the cards and listening to what they tell you.  Instead of reading what the card means, allow yourself to listen to what your intuition tells you.  Look at the images and see the story they tell.  Put the guidebook away and let your intuition be your guide (P.S. don't judge what your intuition tells you the card means).

If tarot/oracle cards aren't your thing, grab your favorite personal development book and randomly open to a page a day...Do this with the intention to receive whatever guidance you need that day.  You will be shocked at how accurate and fun this can be.

Tip #5: Meditate

To use this exercise:

Spend time in meditation daily.  Whether this is in silence, listening to music, or counting breaths/chanting, special time each day dedicated to hearing your intuition is crucial.  

Just like you would make time each day to listen and hear your kiddos (or whoever is super important to you), you have to make time to hear your own inner voice.  Like any relationship, you must dedicate time to it for it to flourish.  Make special time to connect with your intuition and watch as the communication starts to grow and flow.

Your intuition is an invaluable tool sister friend.  Making my relationship with my intuition a priority has been one of the best decisions I've ever made AND I credit this relationship with why I am such a dang good manifestor, healer and coach.

So get on it sister...start implementing these tips and I promise you will start to feel a difference.

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Sending you all kinds of abundance sparkle!

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