A Poem of Empowerment (A Sometimes Needed Reminder)

Speak your mind.

But only when it suits me.

Tell the truth.

But only when it doesn’t hurt.

Be yourself.

But only when it’s a watered down version.

Embrace your uniqueness.

But don’t be too “weird”.

Do what brings you happiness and passion.

But don’t be too unrealistic.

Dress up more.

But not like a whore.

Tone it down a bit.

But don’t be a prude.

Be yourself fully.

But don’t be “too much”, it’s unattractive.

Be independent.

But don’t make a man feel less than.

Know your worth.

But don’t express it so much.

Fuck any of those “but” statements.

Anytime someone begins to empower you and then says BUT...run the other fucking way as fast as you can.

It may not be their fault.

It may be their conditioning.

They may be “concerned” and “only care about your best interest at heart”.

BUT...they don’t know your heart.

They don’t know your fierceness.

They don’t feel your fiery passion burning, ready to burn this whole bitch down with a smirk.

They don’t know your innate divine femininity and all of it’s shadowy depths.

Like a caged lion finally set free to run wild and untamed in your fullest fucking expression.

They don’t know YOU.

Be your fullest self, and burn the bridges to anyone and anything who tries to silence your magic.



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