Are You Pouring From an Empty Cup? The Power of Rest & Reflection

Yesterday I did something crazy. Something I NEVER do. Something that, quite honestly, makes me nervous to do...

I turned my phone off.

I know, wild woman over here. But seriously, take the time to think about it...when was the last time YOU turned your phone off completely for a full day, or even a few hours? 

Not silenced or on vibrate. Not in the other room on the charger. Completely off so you aren't tempted to even "just check this notification real quick"? Yeah, a majority of us always have our phone at least close by. 

Another question...when was the last time you actually rested? Indulged in some self love? Read that book you've started 32 times but haven't gotten past the first chapter? Made yourself a cup of tea and sat outside in the quiet and really just took in the beauty of the world around you? Danced around your house naked and blasting your favorite music while ugly singing at the top of your lungs? 

Let's face it, in today's society we just don't make time for ourselves to enjoy the little things. And that's the main thing about's made up of millions of little things that collectively add up to the WHOLE THING. 

99% of people I talk to are continuously exhausted. We wake up exhausted. We go through our day exhausted. We have little spurts of energy...and then crash hard. And even though we're unbelievably tired and we talk about it and laugh about it and make memes about we ever actually take the time to give our body and mind what it's begging for? It's in plain sight, yet we don't listen to it. We need rest. 

It's so plain and simple, yet it's one of the most difficult things that we can do in our current society. As a mom, I never rest. Rest to me is taking an extra 5 minutes in the shower, or hiding out in the closet "getting dressed" while checking my social media before coming back out in Mom Mode. From the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, I'm on the move. Cleaning. Cooking. Chasing after kids. Running the business. Taking care of hubby. Keeping up with friends and family. Checking social media. Literally anything and everything that doesn't involve true rest. 

If this sounds like you-I know. You're not alone. We've been conditioned into believing that rest=doing nothing=laziness=failure as a human being. And that just isn't the case. Don't get me wrong, laziness can become a very real thing and can inhibit your growth to where you're essentially holding yourself back from your fullest potential. What I'm saying is this: there needs to be a balance. 

Rest brings reflection. It brings stillness. And wholeness. During this time, you may find that answers flow to you so much easier. You get those magical "AHA moments" of clarity, ideas, motivation, and so much more when you take this time to yourself. You feel much lighter. Much more clear headed. And end up having more energy to get done all the things you need to do when you're not in your period of resting. Thus, you end up feeling more accomplished, and can manage your time much better. All of which are Keys to being successful in anything you do! 

You can't pour from an empty cup (yeah I know, super cliche but it's true) and you can't expect a car to run just on fumes. So why do we expect that we can run on virtually no rest and be productive members of society? We can't. And you shouldn't want to. We're here to experience so much more and learn so much more, and it all starts within. Spend time with yourself and your whole perspective of the world changes dramatically. Realize your own potential and see it matched in your outer world. 

So, this is your homework. Whether it be today, tomorrow, or sometime this week...take some time to rest. Turn your phone off, all the way off. Take time to yourself without external distractions. Paint a picture. Read a book. Dance. Build a pillow fort. Take a 3 hour long bath. It doesn't matter what you do, just do it and really be in the moment of enjoying yourself. 

If you can't make it a full day, at least shoot for a few hours. It's amazing what a difference it'll make in how you feel, see things, and overall behave in your day to day. Try to make a routine of this. Maybe every Tuesday, take a "personal day" to rest and reflect. Your body, mind, and soul will be so thankful. Your loved ones will be thankful too, as you can't give your all to others if you're not at least taking the time to give to yourself. (Hence, you can't pour from an empty cup. Remember to fill it every so often).

In a few days I'll send out a reminder to take a personal day. You deserve it. You work hard in all you do and deserve some self love too. Feel free to let me know how you felt after your personal day and what differences it made in your regular day to day life. I'd love to hear from you! 

What are your favorite ways of practicing self love and care? How often do you give to yourself? Comment and share below! 

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and for allowing us to be a part of yours as well. 


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