Awakening & Embracing You Inner Magick

Yesterday, I had such a powerful moment thanks to Ms Ariana Grande.

Funny right? But hear me out...

I was super late to the game and finally saw her music video for God Is A Woman and WOW...

I was blown away by the beauty. The power. The fierceness of it all.

So much so that I actually had tears running down my face by the end of it!

To see this young woman so deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine and in her power, acknowledging her power as being THE SHIT and her strength as a creator. To show other young women out there that they too are deeply powerful, resilient, strong creators that don't need to be oppressed, silenced, or brought down by anyone else, was so purifying for me and I sat there in tears giving so much gratitude!

The more I let these emotions flow, the more I felt this spark ignite within my heart center. It grew bigger and brighter until I felt my chest fill with fiery passion. I felt all the negativity, all the oppression I have felt since childhood, all the memories of being silenced and pushed to the side and feeling like I needed to quiet myself to stroke someone else's ego and be careful not to damage a man's fragile all burned away. I took a deep, cleansing breath and felt it all dissolve into nothing but ash, clearing the way and making space.

This morning when I woke up, I pulled some cards from the Inner Child Deck. The card I pulled for where to focus my energy today was the 8 of Wands, a card that shows 8 fairies lighting their wands on fire together. The card speaks about the power of fire, and it's ability to heal as well as destroy and the power of coming together to unite and spread light with others. Talk about empowering!

I'm here to tell are PURE MAGICK in human form.

Your energy is infinite. Boundless. Expansive. Pure and Radiant.

You have the entirety of the Universe within your own soul.

You are divinely connected to the Universe and Source Energy, and simultaneously rooted deeply into Mother Earth and her powerful love and nurturing capacity.

As a woman, you act as a portal between the spiritual and physical world each time you bring life into this world. As a female, you have the ability to hold two souls at the same time within your body, cultivating both of them with your energy, love, and care.

Sit and revel in this for a moment. Marvel at the beauty that YOU are. Of all that you can do, have done, and will do in the future.

Women are so unbelievably strong. We've suffered generations of trauma, pain, and oppression. We carry all of that with us, plus the shit we go through in our current lifetime. And we do so with our head high, still managing to handle our shit each day, raise kids, run households, and provide for our families. Who else can do what we can do?!

I'm in true awe and amazement at the power we have as women, and saddened deeply by the fact that this trauma and oppression has made us lose sight of our innate magick and abilities. Myself included! The system was designed for women to be the underdog. To be put on the back burner. To be laughed at and ridiculed and put down. I'm here to say FUCK THAT.

Quick interjection here: I'm not saying that men are the worst and evil and ruin everything so fuck them. No. They have suffered as well, and due to the patriarchal society we live in, they are told to stuff their emotions deep down and bottle them up. To never show their feelings or else be ridiculed and put down as well. This is why we end up with men trying to over compensate and act out, like a child who doesn't get enough attention at home. What I'm saying is this: there needs to be a balance. There is a huge difference between Divine Masculine and Wounded Masculine Just as there's a big difference between Divine Feminine and Wounded Feminine.

Right now we live in a world with the push and pull of the Wounded vs the Divine. All of the pain and oppression we have set and brought upon ourselves throughout the generations has led to a Wounded Masculine/Feminine which is at a constant battle with each other, and ourselves. This is where people (especially women) feel like they must constantly compare, feel jealousy, and feel as if they are in a competition with each other. When we switch from a wounded energy to a divine energy...this is where true growth and balance come forth. This is a state of flow rather than forcing. Of love and acceptance, standing in our true power with honor and truth. Seeing others and honoring their truth as well. The only one you should be competing with is yourself-competing to continue your growth and continue levelling up and becoming a truer version than you were yesterday. And for your fellow sisters and brothers out there?

Praise them. Celebrate them. Give them kudos for their growth. Send them love and compassion when they need it. This is how the world becomes united and we begin to give each other the space and freedom to express our true power.

And for those who are still in their wounded phase and try to burst your bubble or bring you back down to their level?

Fix your damn crown, adjust yourself on the seat of your pedestal, and don't EVER let someone else knock you down just to make their egoistic fears and insecurities feel validated. Send them love and courage to overcome what they need to for their growth, and send them on their way. Don't dim your light for anyone EVER again.

We're coming into new times. The shadows and darker energy on Earth are scrambling and clinging to their power by their fingertips. Don't let them snatch it back. Continue to grow and shine your light, blasting through the darkness that you come in contact with.

Each day, I want you to do one thing that scares you. These can be small things, as small things often build up over time into big things...or you can go for it on a larger scale! I'll share some examples:

I used to quiet myself around men talking and wouldn't want to interrupt. Now when I need to say something, I offer an "excuse me" (I still have manners afterall) and say what I need to say.

I have had people make jokes in my presence that weren't at all funny and actually went against my morals and what I believe in (racism particularly) and out of feeling uncomfortable or not wanting to cause a scene, I would offer a small laugh and walk away. Now I put them on the spot and make them think about what they're saying. I keep a straight face and ask "What do you mean? Why is that funny?" and watch as they scramble to explain themselves without looking like an asshole.

I've heard women body shame other women, call them "hoe" and judge them so harshly...I used to say nothing so I wouldn't draw attention to myself. Now, I speak up for those women and celebrate who they are and their strength. I used to exchange a quick side glance with a friend when passing a woman wearing revealing clothing (you know that quick side glance, the one that says nothing and everything all at once). Now I compliment the woman and watch her face light up and the confidence shine through!

There have been times I've seen a man yelling at his wife in public and the embarrassment on her face. Before, I stayed quiet because I didn't want the same embarrassment (I know, I'm not at all proud of this, but I'm growing). Now when I see something like that, I step in and say something. I stand up for her and always give her a hug, telling her in her ear that she's better than that and to never let that shit happen again.

You see how it started small and gradually led to bigger things? That's how it will happen for you too. Whether it be honoring your Womanhood and fellow brothers and sisters, stepping into your power as a healer, honoring your witchy nature, starting the business you've always dreamed of...the possibilities are literally endless.

But they all start with you. With you honoring the light within. Lighting up that fiery passion and continuing to add wood to it to keep it blazing. To stand in your true power and creative essence and owning who tf you are without fear of judgment. Once you light that fire and keep doing the things that add fuel to it, you'll become unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with.

There's a reason that war ships, hurricanes, and heavy machinery have the pronoun "she/her", because men know the power of women and our strength. It's time we remember it too and step back into our rightful place on the throne.

I'm considering starting a women's empowerment group on facebook, to help raise us up and connect together to celebrate our wins in life, would you be interested in joining? Show some love if you're ready!

Also, if this post lit that fiery passion inside and you're ready to step into your power and own your magick as a healing woman, then you're ready for the Expansive Energies Collective program! 12 weeks of women learning to honor themselves and each other, deepen their connection to source, become in tune with their radiance and inner magick, and empowering each other to live in alignment with their true power and purpose! You can learn more and sign up for your free guidance call here.

Thank you for being in this space and honoring yourself today. Feel free to share on social media how you show up for yourself and your wins throughout the days, I'd love to see and support you!

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