Creating Space For Clarity

It's time to take inventory!

What are you holding onto in your life that doesn't serve you anymore?

This can be people, places, things, actions.

I did a MASSIVE haul of getting rid of shit in my house.

It all started when I opened a drawer in my room to grab a pen, and could barely open and close it because it was so full.

"How the fuck did this happen..." I thought as I got more and more frustrated and finally ripped everything out of the drawer and began sorting through everything.

By the time I was done...all that was left was my journal and some pens.

This motivated me to clear out the rest of my house.

Then I took it even further and cleared out my social media of people and accounts I don't resonate with or even talk to (seriously, why was I still friends with that asshole from my 7th grade math class?)

Then...I took it even further, going deeper into myself and taking notice of my own energy that was asking to be cleared out.

I held a ceremony for myself. This included some reiki, cord cutting, blockage removal, and even clearing out old karma and generational patterning.

This one was much more tough, as the ego often clings desperately to what is comfortable and known (even if it's not good for you and holding you back in life) and LOTS of fears, traumas, etc will come up.

This level of work takes deep self love and spiritual endurance.

It takes a tenderness that is also firm, as you're essentially re-parenting yourself in that moment.

It takes a willing openness and acceptance of yourself and your shadows, even the ones you haven't given attention to in quite some time.

After this delicate (yet exploding) unfolding, I took a couple of days for integration, rest, and reflection.

This included lots of journaling, crying, dancing, grounding outside with Mother Earth, and baths.

Lots of baths.

And you know what?

When all was said and done, I felt so LIGHT.


I literally danced around my clean, cleared out house and felt so much clarity and inspiration for creation coming through!

Simply because I MADE SPACE.

Things cannot flow when there's no space.

There's no clarity or vision when it's all cluttered up.

You can't introduce new-ness or growth into old, outdated ways of living.

And THAT is the thing...this isn't just a "clearing out", but a lifestyle when you come to the understanding that within this journey we call life, you will continually outgrow things, need to clear out things, and make space to cultivate the new you that is consistently being created the deeper you go within yourself.

Think of yourself like a garden.

How are you going to plant new seeds and flowers if your garden is overrun with weeds, dead plants, old roots, etc?

How are you even going to find the space to grow and re-invent your garden space with so much in the way?

You can't, and we are the same.

We're basically plants with more complicated emotions.

Why do we hold onto so much shit that isn't needed?

Why do we cling to things and people that we don't even resonate with?

What kind of weird, uncomfortable comfort zone is this that we find ourselves in?

I invite you today, even if it's one thing, to take inventory and clear shit out.

I'd love to support you, share below what you cleared out and how you feel after!

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