Crown Chakra Healing & Self Care

Aannnnddddd we're FINALLY here at the crown chakra!

I took a lot longer than necessary to write this blog post, I should've/would've/could've finished it MONTHS ago. But every time I sat down to write, it just...never felt right.

The words just never came to me.

I felt so frustrated and confused...and then it dawned on me that THAT is why the words wouldn't come to me.

I was frustrated and confused. Not just with the blog post, but with myself and my role in life in general. With so many questions running laps through my mind and daily stress running relay races, how COULD I sit and write about the crown chakra and have it be authentic?

I couldn't. So I didn't.

If there's one thing about me that I know whole heartedly, I NEVER do things I don't want to do. Plain and simple, I just don't. It's the reason I've never done well with having typical 9-5 jobs. I get told what to do or how to do it, I don't like it and don't want to, so I'm out. Not a great work ethic in terms of those who work a typical job. Great work ethic in someone who wants to provide only valuable, true content that they love completely and share with others. So there's that.

Fast forward a couple of months and lots of time to heal later, and I proudly present to you the Crown Chakra Self Healing!

The crown chakra resides at the top of your head, actually a couple of inches above your head. This is where the bridge connects so to speak. The bridge from your Higher Self, your guides, the Universe/Source/God or whatever you choose to call the Creator...directly to you. It's your connection to your higher powers. I like to think that it works hand in hand with your Third Eye Chakra. Think of information and wisdom coming over the bridge into your crown chakra, and entering your third eye chakra to sit down and chat over a cup of tea.

It's this chakra where divine connection takes place, the ultimate spiritual connection. It shows you just how limitless and boundless you are. When balanced, you are totally and completely mindfully present in each moment. No stress. No anxiety. No more 3546356 thoughts running through your head...just completely and utterly in the present moment. It's one of the most beautiful feelings there is, even if only experienced for a few minutes. It's enough to make me burst into tears with gratitude and love every time, for it's in those moments you truly are able to take in just how beautiful and delicate life is. It's truly without words and something that can only be felt and bowed to with gratitude.

I once had the beautiful opportunity of sitting down to meditate with a shaman from Peru (I've probably mentioned this but it goes down as one of my favorite moments EVER so I'll probably bring it up a few times, plus his message was amazing and something we can all benefit from). We sat down and were talking about how I was feeling and what I wanted to gain from our meditation and he suddenly interrupted me and asked,

"Where do you live?"

I began to answer. "oh, just down the street actua-" when he cut me off and said simply and profoundly,

"no, no. You live HERE. In this present moment, sitting on the floor across from me. You live HERE. Nowhere else...just here".

So simple...yet so profoundly wise. You may think "well, duh. We are always in the present moment and the present is a gift and you shouldn't dwell in the past, etc, etc, etc, etc..." but how many of us ACTUALLY practice that? How many of us have gone a full day living mindfully present in each moment? I'll guess not very many. It's a difficult feat to master (and it sure does take mastery of the mind) even for the most skilled healers. You have to be in a consistent state of checking yourself.

Every time the past creeps up, stop it in it's tracks and send it back.

When anxiety of the future arises, stop it and say "no, you're not welcome here".

When those weird made up scenarios and conversations that never even took place enter your mind (seriously, what's up with that?)...SHUT THEM DOWN. Try it for a day, see how difficult it is. But also...see how more present and peaceful you become. See how much more gratitude you feel. See how beautiful life begins to bloom all around you and shows you what you've been missing. You can use this sound healing to assist you during meditations. It's one of my favorites, especially at the end of a long day as a way to reset before bed. I always wake up in a great mood the next day from it and have much more clarity.

Here's your free printable/screenshotable as well to see how balanced your crown chakra is, along with some self healing techniques to try out. This poster, along with the others in the series, is a great way to keep yourself in check (accountability for the win!) and to practice self healing, which is the main goal anyway, isn't it?

Self healing is the ultimate form of self love.

To take a deep look at your inner self, especially your shadows, and decide to get to know them for what they are and consistently show up to do the work and the healing is the ultimate form of self love and the most important gift you can give to yourself. It's the point of this game we play in and call life. To look at everything that's tried to break us and instead smile, send gratitude, and let it go. To live mindfully and presently in each moment, full of love, doing what makes you happy, and living out your soul's mission here. That's winning the game... are you actively doing the work it takes?

Take a day to live mindfully present. Check yourself when necessary. Enjoy the beautiful moments when you are present. And let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear your experiences. Comment below to share, or use #RYV on social media so we can see it! We love seeing others doing the work to self heal and would love to inspire others to do the same!

Feel called to a deeper healing? Looking for guidance during this process? Book a Chakra Healing Session with me, or take advantage of our new Ultimate Healing Package that includes a chakra balancing, a reiki healing, an ebook/workbook, a guided meditation, and lots of other goodies to assist you on your healing journey!

Thank you for being here in this space with us, it means the world to us.

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