DIY: How To Create Your Own Magical Full Moon Charged Water!

Full Moon charged water is SUPER powerful! It can be used in cleaning, Self Care products, Rituals, on altars, drank, and much more! Super easy to make as well. 

Plus you will most likely have most of the ingredients on hand (no I won't be sending you on a wild goose chase for mugs wort or vervain, we keep it practical here!) All you'll need is this:

-Clear jar with lid

-Sprint Water

-crystal/stone of your choice (optional)

BAM! That's it! Super easy right?!

On the night of the full moon (the night before or after is fine too!) grab a clear jar and fill it with spring water. Head outside under the full moon and hold your jar of water, envisioning the moons energy purifying and charging the water in a beautiful white light. Sit in quiet meditation while holding your jar, setting your intentions for the water. This can be for protection, self love and care, calming an anxious mind, manifesting Rituals- anything! Just please make sure you're clear on your intentions and that it's coming from a place of growth and inspiring your highest good. The Universe doesn't play and the moon is very powerful, so be careful what you wish for!

Also, I feel this isn't touched on enough but is SUPER important....

Please spend time thanking the moon for her beautiful healing energy and all she gives to us.

I personally like to give thanks to the moon so it's an energetic exchange rather than just taking her energy for my own personal use. Many people take her healing energies but don't give back. She's an energetic being just as you and I, just as the Earth and the cosmos. Keep this in mind when working with her or anything for that matter. To give thanks, I envision sending my own loving energy back up to her and the moon glowing with my own energetic color (mine happens to be indigo, most of the time at least. You can picture white as it's the most purifying and healing if you're unsure). I send her love and gratitude and envision the energetic exchange between us Like a figure 8 motion. This is so important, please don't skip this step!

For extra healing power, I like to add crystals to the water as well. This not only super charges the crystals, but provides added healing benefits to the water and the intentions you set. Just be sure that the crystals are able to be put into water! For example, selenite cannot go into water as it will break down but shungite does great in water. Do your research first! I switch it up depending on what I feel I need healing wise, but my favorite is always amethyst for its calming properties and rose quartz for opening my heart space to self love and acceptance. Leave overnight and bring it inside in the morning. Remove the crystals (you'll be able to feel how super charged their energy is!) and store your water in a cool place.

I like to use my water in our Divine Feminine Moon Spray, which I Spray on myself, my sacred space, or around the house whenever I feel there needs to be an energetic pick me up and to clear out negative or stagnant energy. I also like to keep a smaller jar on my altar to represent the water element, and sometimes use it at the end of my shower or on my face as a powerful rinse. I LOVE to drink my Moon Water when I'm feeling anxious, have a headache, or want to soften energy.

So there you have it! Super simple, yet powerful. Definitely have fun with it, and if you happen to try it out then let us know! And enjoy this FREE printable/screenshotable recipe for your own Full Moon Water so you always have it on hand:

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Happy Healing!

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