Ego Vs. Intuition, How To Tell the Difference

Ego is such a sneaky bitch sometimes.

How many times have you thought something was "not in alignment with you" only to find out it is, but your ego is creating a false fear about it because it knows you're about to level tf up out of your comfort zone?

Ego tries to desperately cling to anything it can, especially when it knows it's not getting as much attention and you're not staying in the comfort zone with it.

It's almost like a jealous boyfriend that gets frustrated that you're growing and he isn't, so he tries to hold you back in his lower energy.

Not saying ego is bad, not at all.

Ego is a very vital part of the human experience, but it definitely needs to be checked.

Living with ego in control is essentially like handing your car keys to your 6 year old self and saying "Go ahead, kid. I trust ya." while your soul gets in the backseat.

Because that's the thing...your ego is created out of the fears of your Inner Child.

All the doubts, worry, shame, guilt, patterns that show up when your ego is heavily in control...that's your Inner Child terrified of what's being shaken up and what's going to come from all this change you're doing.

So when ego pops up, give it your attention.

Give it love.

Give it reassurance.

Let it know that everything is okay, be tender yet firm. Just as you would parenting a child.

Then tell your ego to hop in the backseat (backseat driving is okay! Ego just wants to keep you safe afterall!) while your soul, led by your intuition, takes the wheel.

This is single handedly some of the most important information I can share with you.

Here's a quick tip to distinguish between ego and intuition:

Ego resides in your mind.

Intuition resides in your body.

BOOM, Mic Drop.

Think about it...when ego comes in, it's all within your thoughts.

When you go into that "autopilot mode" and are stuck too much in your head, you become very ego driven.

When you tune into your body and listen to it...that's your intuition.

Like when a new opportunity comes up and you get excited butterflies, telling you it's a HELL YES.

Or when get a stomach dropping feeling on your way to work so you take a different route, and luckily avoid a car accident.

Tuning into your body throughout the day, allowing it to guide you in all you do, becomes a SUPERPOWER.

This superpower is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to reach it's fullest potential.

When your intuition is on point and you allow it to guide you, you become so in tune with your Higher Self and your soul's mission!

This is where the magic of creation is born.

You can take this a step further and dive into the world of Human Design as well!

Human Design works by combining "principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics... It offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are." ( )

When you learn about your HUman Design profile, you can dive REAL deep and learn about the best times for you to wake up, work, go to sleep, eating habits...literally ow to live your life in the way that flows with your soul and how you were created when brought into the world.

But one of the best things that you learn about is where in your body your Inner Authority (aka intuition) actually resides. This takes the guess work out of tuning into your body, wondering if your tummy is grumbling because you're hungry or something is actually "off" energetically, etc.

For example, I learned that my Inner Authority lies within my Sacral Chakra (which made perfect sense after reading it, as usual). So whenever I'm going to make a decision, I tune into my Sacral Chakra and literally just talk to her.

"Hey girl, I'm thinking of dying my hair purple again. Is this something I'm doing because it makes me feel good or am I hitting a quarter life crisis?"

Obviously ask this in a "yes/no" format and wait for sensations to arise that intuitively tell you what's up. Your intuition isn't going to be like "well ACTUALLY, Martha, this is what I think about your hair..." So GET SPECIFIC and tune in.

You can learn more about your unique Human Design Profile and where your Intuition resides here:

Want to learn more about growing and cultivating your intuition into your superpower?

My program EEC is for you, that's just a bit of the magic we learn and flow with inside this life changing program!

Let's try a little exercise to begin...what is your intuition telling you about EEC?

If it's calling you in...take that first step and listen to it!

You'll be so glad you did.

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