Embracing Your Multidimensionality

This message is for my multi passionate ladies out there...

The ones that have a million interests and good ideas and struggle to pick "just one".

The ones that feel like they lack focus, because they are pulled into many different avenues.

If you're new here, welcome! My name is Zalyssa, I’m owner and creator of Raise Your Vibes, where I'm a spiritual healing guide teaching women to balance their light and shadow work for full embodiment of their truth.

I’m passionate about anything having to do with returning to our roots and magic.

Sometimes I’m really into herbalism and plant medicine and make that my focus.

Sometimes my focus is on reiki and traditional Buddhism practices such as mindfulness and the art of detaching.

Other times I’m really into my witchy vibes and hold space for rituals, practice spells, and infuse magic into everyday things. Even making a cup of coffee or taking a shower becomes a divine experience and is a ritual in itself.

Other times my flow takes me into tarot and intuitive guidance sessions.

And sometimes- I take a week off and spend time with my kids painting, hiking, dancing, exploring, and letting my own inner child run free.

When I first began my business, every business coach told me I needed to get laser focused on one thing. They said I was too all over the place and trying to do too many things, and that I could only choose one... and I remember a ball building in the pit of my stomach at the thought of that.

One thing?!

How is that even possible?!

How does anyone pick just one thing to do forever?!

I struggled with it hard and really tried honing in on my “one thing”, but found I would get super bored and burnt out from trying to force what didn’t feel energetically right for me. This would lead to me getting absolutely nothing done, collapsing into myself like a dying star, and living in "self sabotage mode" for extended periods of time.

So finally one day after hours of frustration forcing myself to get work done, I threw my hands up and said fuck this.

Why should I stick myself in a box that makes sense to other people?

Why should I stifle my creativity and tuck away my passions to make others comfortable?

I remember saying outloud a firm NO and stepped away from my computer and social media for about 2 weeks, spending that time returning home to myself and embracing my fullness once again. It was a much needed return home.

So...for the women out there who are also multi passionate- embrace the hell out of it and don’t stop for anyone!

If you’re like me and often have 50 ideas you want to try out at a time, I do suggest picking one and sitting with it for a bit first rather than jumping in right away and burning yourself out. That’s how we get into that “I start a million projects but don’t finish them” energy. So take some time to really feel into your idea for awhile before moving into the creation phase. Make sure it wasn't a fleeting "hey that would be cool!" kinda idea that you end up regretting later. Feel into it, envision it, embody the energy of it, and if you still have the same passion (if not more!) THEN move into bringing it to life.

It’s okay if during the creation phase you hit a block or a rut, don’t force yourself to push through it. Take it as a sign to step away for awhile for rest and come back when you feel ready with fresh energy. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you. Remember, there's power in rest and reflection as well. This is how you create space for more growth and inspiration. Overall: Allow yourself to be in your fullest expression ALWAYS.

What have you been wanting to bring to life but haven't yet?

What ideas have you had but struggle to bring into fruition?

Share in the comments, I'd love to support you!

Here’s to your expansion!

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