Happy Spring Equinox + Super Full Moon!

WOW this is some beautiful and intense energy we have going on! The spring equinox is a beautiful day that represents balance, as there is equal day to night on this day. It's almost as if the world pauses and is held in this suspension before the wheel begins to turn once more, now towards longer and warmer days and shorter nights.

It's interesting to add that today the moon also moved into Libra, which is symbolized by the scales and are all about finding and maintaining a balance.

Yet another interesting note, today is the super full moon! This is interesting because spring symbolizes new beginnings, manifesting, setting intentions, planting seeds for cultivation both in the physical and spiritual, etc. The full moon, however, symbolizes release. Letting go of what no longer serves you. It shines a bright light on what no longer works and is begging to be let go of for your highest growth. So again, we see a balance of both new beginnings and old endings. 

Today is is one of my favorite days of the year because of this beautiful reminder-from destruction births creation. In order to create, you must first destroy what is no longer for you to make space for your new creations. This could be as a job, relationship, way of thinking, bad habit- literally anything in your life. 

You are a microcosm to the macrocosm. The Universe itself, experiencing itself consciously as a human in the 3rd dimension. Take a moment to let that sink in...take a slow deep breath and feel the immense power of that fact.

You are the Universe, experiencing itself consciously in this lifetime as a human being.

Just as the Creator who created you, you too are the Creator of your own life and everything in it. Everything you perceive, think, feel, believe...it's creating your world. 

Remember I mentioned planting seeds physically and spiritually? And the cultivation of those seeds? That's how I spend each Spring Equinox. This morning, I woke up and went outside to ground myself with Mother Earth. I thanked her for all she provides for us and for nurturing us and gave her some loving vibes. After meditating with her, I set some intentions for the next few months. I wrote them down in detail, as the Universe doesn't care much for vagueness. I read it out loud and took the time to envision each intention I want to birth into reality. I envisioned it whole heartedly and felt it as if it already existed (which is does along the timeline!) I felt it so deeply and passionately, I actually began to cry from excitement and happiness! 

Once my son woke up, we planted some seeds together. Morning Glory (a favorite of ours), sunflowers, and wildflowers. He ran around outside and collected pine cones, sticks, clovers, and dandelions and put them in a little bowl to bring inside. He does this often and ends up making his own mini altar in his room, I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree! 

Then we opened up the doors and windows and did some good spring cleaning today. I had been meaning to do it, but kept putting it off since I'm due with baby boy #2 any day now and exhaustion is an understatement. But today I woke up with a burst of energy, ready to get everything done. Now as the day is winding down, I plan on taking some time to release. How else am I going to make time or space for all those intentions I set in the morning if I have this old stuff in the way?! Just as I cleaned out and went through old boxes of nonesense I've held onto in the house, now I'll do the same for what I've held onto within myself. I call it "spiritual spring cleaning". 

My favorite method of release is journaling in the bath. I add some of our Mellow Bath Salts we have in the shop, bring some crystals, grab our Climax Full Moon Candle, and take some time to relax. I focus/meditate on the flame of the candle and let myself go. Being in this moment, I observe which thoughts and feelings flow my way and how they make me feel/react. If it's negative or something that will not serve my growth, I write it down. Otherwise, I let the thought/feeling come and go. I continue this until I intuitively feel I have a good list going on. Then, I read each thing out loud, ending it with the statement "you no longer serve me. Thank you, I now release you". I think it's important to thank the issue you are releasing, it taught you a lesson and helped shape you into the person you currently are. And now it's inspired you to grow. That's a beautiful thing that deserves gratitude. 

Once I finish my list...BURN BABY BURN! 

I burn the list and envision everything on it being burned and cleansed away with it. I continue my bath and cleanse myself of any negative feelings associated with what was released. When I get out, I sage myself and envision a powerful, protective light surrounding me and purifying my energy. 

Since today is the Spring Equinox, I plan on reading once again my intentions I set in the morning with this newly purified and cleansed energy for full manifestation. Then I'll add the list to the Holographic Vision Board I have, which was inspired by the amazing Galactic Yadira (you can learn more about this idea HERE). 

How do you celebrate the Spring Equinox? How about the Full Moon? What are some intentions you wish to set and accomplish? Comment below!

Share your altar, intentions, Rituals, etc with us on Instagram, we'd love to see what you're up to! Tag us @raiseyourvibesco and get featured. 

Happy Full Moon and Ostara Blessings to You!


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