How Practicing Gratitude Each Day Changes Your Life

Updated: Feb 17

Studies show that expressing gratitude each day literally changes your perception of the world around you.

You begin to perceive the immense blessings that fill your life, rather than focusing on all the shortcomings.

This practice cultivates a life that is happier, healthier, filled with more clarity and peace, and even attracts more good things to you!

This works through the Law of Attraction.

Now, I'm not one of those "Law of Attraction" people you see all over social media that bombard you with their attraction methods and to do lists and business models. I'm talking on a scientific, Universal Law proven through physics level here by living through intention.

In physics it's proven that everything is energy. Everything carries a vibrational weight to it. Working purely on an energetic level, like attracts like. So negativity will attract more negativity, and the same goes for positivity. Love attracts more love. Gratitude attracts more gratitude. And so on...

I first learned about this in my high school physics class. It's one of the few things I actually remember (that class was such a joke, our teacher did next to nothing) and I'm not sure why but it just really stuck out to me at the time. Then I learned it again, but in a different perspective, when I took psychology and intro to philosophy in college. I remember thinking: "if it's truly that simple that you change your perspective and begin seeing everything as a blessing rather than only focusing on the worries and stress...then why doesn't everyone do it? And how does one not focus on the worries and stress? Does that mean we're just pretending it doesn't exist? That seems pretty irresponsible..." It wasn't until I began my spiritual journey that I truly learned the meaning of this lesson that has been presenting itself to me over the past 10 years.

Within my spiritual healing journey and deep dive inwards, I learned about self limiting beliefs. Often these beliefs become imprinted pretty heavily as a child (usually during the first 7 years of life) and carry on, mostly on a subconscious level, throughout a lifetime. So the way you think/feel/talk to yourself? Is most likely your 7 year old inner child who needs some love and attention. I talk about inner child healing in detail on this post if you're not familiar with it yet.

Crazy, right?

But think about it: Take one of your self limiting beliefs...and go through each memory surrounding this belief. Take it all the way back as far as you can remember...chances are it's from childhood.

I'll use one of my examples: I've always struggled with money and knowing that money is okay, and very necessary, to have. I used to be one of those "chase money when I don't have it, feel guilty about spending money when I do have it" type of people. While there's a plethora of things from my adolescent, teen, and younger years that stick out in my memory...I can trace this belief first beginning when I was 6. I was back to school shopping with my dad. At first, I was going IN. Grabbing HELLA clothes, jewelry, all sorts of stuff I wanted so I could feel amazing going back to school. Rather than slowing me down and talking to me about why less is more, my dad got MAD. He launched into this whole speech, very loudly and publicly I may add, about how money doesn't grow on trees. Only evil, greedy people like money and have lots of it. And the whole world is a corporation that runs on me spending my money on useless things to keep me distracted.

While there is some truth in there, that's some heavy shit to yell at a 6 year old who just wants to have new clothes for school.

From that point forward, I adopted the same way of thinking that carried me well into adulthood.

And you know what came of it? A deeply rooted self limiting belief about money that I didn't even realize existed until I became a business owner. In business, you have to spend money to make money-and I tried everything possible to deny this truth. Did I make any money in the process? Nope. Did I stress unnecessarily, wonder how the light bill was going to get paid, and feel like a failure at life and as a parent? Yep.

So I changed some things up. Rather than having this weird fear surrounding money, I took the time to heal my relationship with money. I realized that yes, there are people with money in power who do awful things. But money, like all things, is energy. The property I give it, is the property it will hold. The way I perceive it, is the way it will be. So if I perceive money as the root of evil, a bad thing, and something I don't need...guess what? I won't attract in much money because I'm basically giving it a big "fuck you". But by showing gratitude to money for keeping a roof over my head, providing food in my fridge, a car and gas to put into it to take me and my family places, and all the bath bombs I could ever want for my Self Care Sunday practices...I'm attracting more money into my life as well as more gratitude and respect for all the things I have and work my ass off for. There's nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful home, amazing backyard, a brand new Tesla outside, the ability to travel and see the world, and to provide my kids with everything they could ever possibly need. None of that would be possible if I didn't begin practicing gratitude towards money, the things I have, the work I do, and everything in my current life.

Another example I love to use is about body image. After I had my first son, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was always out of breath, slow, developed hip and back problems, and was exhausted always. When I began trying to lose the weight, my focus was "I'm not happy with myself, I feel ugly. Clothes don't fit me. I don't like what I see in the mirror. How can my boyfriend even still be attracted to me..." etc, etc, etc...

Not too nice, is it?

We wouldn't let our best friends talk about themselves in that way, yet we talk to ourselves like shit all the time and then wonder why we feel like shit.

I talked to myself like this for close to 4 years and I never lost the weight. I would drop maybe 10 pounds, but pick it right back up again. When I began my journey of self love, everything changed. I began practicing self love each and everyday, and that inner dialogue changed to "I love my body, I created life with it! I'm so grateful for this amazing vessel that carries me each and every day! I love my body so much that I WANT to take care of it. I WANT to feel good. I WANT to have lots of energy to chase my little one around. I WANT to feel sexier than ever!" Once I began focusing on getting truly healthy because I loved my body and wanted to treat it with love and respect...guess what? I dropped back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within 3 months!

Crazy, right?!

But that's truly the power of practicing gratitude and positive thinking!

Still skeptical? I get it, I'm a "I'll believe it when I see it" type of gal too. Let's try this then:

I invite you to a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge!

Each day, I want you to take one of your self limiting beliefs and flip the script!

Each day, practice and express gratitude. No matter how small it may be.

Example: "Today I found a ladybug outside, look at how beautiful it is! Go Mother Nature!"

The moment you begin perceiving and living your life like it's the greatest thing in the world, is the moment it truly becomes the greatest thing in the world.

The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge officially begins 2/18. To enter, simply:

  1. Shoot me an email that you're ready for the Gratitude Challenge so I can add you to the list!

  2. Follow me on Instagram. Share this picture to your IG Stories to show that you're in for the challenge!

  1. Each day, share what you're showing gratitude towards on your IG Stories. Tag me in your story and use #GratitudeWithRYV EACH AND EVERY DAY.

THAT'S IT! Easy peezy, right?

After the 30 days, I'll choose 2 winners randomly to, **drum roll please...**

Receive a full scholarship into my signature program Expansive Energies Collective!

YES! I now offer 2 scholarship positions into EEC for each round! You'll get complete and full entry into this life changing program of energetic mastery for women, learn to heal from the inside out, and truly master your life in 5 weeks!

You can learn more about this amazing program and how it will expand your life in crazy beautiful ways here!

if you're ready to take the challenge, drop a HELL YES in the comments below, or message me your email address with a message saying "I'm ready to take the challenge!"

Gratitude is considered to be one of the "Ultimate Spiritual Practices" and next to love vibrates on the highest energetic frequency. Tapping into this higher frequency will completely alter your life, and it truly is THAT easy.

I'm so excited for you to begin changing your life in such profound ways, you deserve it!

Now that's how you Raise Your Vibes.

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