Powerful Manifestation Ritual

How are we doing this week?! Hope all is well.

Here in Vegas it's a beautiful rainy, cloudy day with a nice cool breeze. Basically my most favorite kind of day! We've had the windows and doors open all day to let that beautiful cleansing, calming energy flow through. I've been journaling, meditating, and having an arts & crafts day with the kiddos. Now I'm enjoying a cup of Mint Green Tea with added Lavender and Chamomile and it is EVERYTHING.

I wanted to share a manifestation ritual with you all that's already showing some wonderful results for me and I thought you would benefit as well!

Let's get straight to it.

This is what you'll need:

  • Whole Bay Leaves

  • Candle

  • Pencil or charcoal

  • Optional crystals & essential oils, such as citrine, clear quartz, pyrite, and oils such as peppermint, clary sage, or wild orange.

This is what you do:

1.) Light you candle. Anoint the candle (and yourself!) with your oils. Arrange the crystals around your candle as you wish, as they will give your spell an added boost.

2.) Sit down in a quiet space and get yourself into a mindful state, such as a "walking meditation". This is when you're in a mindful, meditative state but you're not sitting still with your eyes closed.

3.) Get clear on your intentions and how you want your energy. Envision the things you want so vividly, that you manipulate your energy and flow as if the thing you're asking for has already come true. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. If there's any doubt, confusion, or lack of clarity and trust, it simply won't happen.

Example: I want to get a new car before the end of the month. I envisioned having the money to do so, the feeling of excitement, being at the dealership doing test drives, and the happiness of being handed the keys to our new car. I felt it as if it were already happening and sat with that energy for awhile, feeling it's truth.

4.) From there, write your intentions in detail! Simply saying "I want a new car" won't give the exact results you want. You may get a car, but not in the time you had hoped, or it may be a car that breaks down on you a lot and gives you more trouble than it's worth (been there!). Instead say "I am buying my family a new car by the end of this month". The Universe likes clarity and detail, so make sure you have it!

5.) Once you have written everything down, Read them aloud to yourself 3 times, still feeling the energy of it being true. Fold the paper up, and place it under your candle.

6.) Now, use the pencil or charcoal to write your intentions onto the bay leaf. And burn them! Envision your dreams drifting out into the Universe and being received.

7.) Give thanks to the Universe and Mama Gaia for this spell and the magic you're creating. Thank your Higher Self and feel the magic received. Having gratitude for the things you already have, as well as the things you are manifesting, is the other most important part of this ritual. You'll feel good about yourself, and the Universe responds to that. I like to end my manifestation rituals with "And so I have created it, and so it is" as this states that my creation is now coming to life.

8.) Allow the candle to burn out on it's own, as blowing it out blows the magic out! If you must put it out, use a snuffer or cover the candle with a fire safe dish until the flame goes out.

You need two things to manifest the things you want in life: Right Intention and Action. If you have one without the other, it won't happen for you or it won't happen quickly (I'm talking YEARS here). You can set intentions and do rituals all you want, but if you're not actively working towards you goals and putting in the time, effort, and dedication each day...the Universe isn't going to reward you with everything you asked for. If that was the case, everyone's wishes and dreams would come true and no one would be struggling the way they do. Action is required!

On the flip side, working towards something without right intention or knowing what you're working towards will result in you feeling overworked, exhausted, and feeling a bit lost. This is super frustrating and I'm sure we've all been there at one point or another.

Right Intention and Action my friend, that's the secret to manifesting and creating the life you deserve and have always dreamt of.

Another important note, please don't manifest something that affects another's free will or manipulates their energy. For example, setting the intention of "I hope Bob finally sees I'm the woman for him and he falls madly in love with me" is not a correct intention, as it is manipulating another's energy and that shit will not only end badly, but come back on you three fold (Universal Law, ladies and gents). And for all you know, you and Bob aren't meant to be together. But now you're missing out on your life partner AND making Bob miss out on his life partner, not good for you or Bob. But setting the intention of "I will meet my life partner in love this year" is a proper intention, as the Universe will work with you to bring love into your life but in accordance to your free will as well as your future partner.

Manifesting is tricky business, the saying "be careful what you wish for" is very true, so please be mindful in the intentions you set and your words as you create the world around you and bring your visions to life.

But overall, keep your energy light and flowing.

Manipulate your own energy as if the things you're asking for are already true and happening for you,

and put action into achieving your dreams.

Slowly but surely, your world will blossom into even your most wildest dreams.


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