Sacral Chakra Healing & Self Care

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Welcome to Part 2 of our Chakra Self Healing series! If you missed Part 1 where we discuss the basics of your chakras, as well as Root Chakra healing, you can find it here and it's a great starting point.

The sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomen, just under your belly button. It's associated with sensuality, creativity, and the emotional body. This chakra is at the foundation of our feeling and emotional well-being. It's the center of our feelings and sensations, and the expression of sexuality and sensuality.

Some questions to ask yourself while meditating on this chakra may be:

  • Do I enjoy life fully?

  • Do I experience love and intimacy freely and without fear or judgment?

  • Am I honest and non-judgmental about my desires?

  • Do I express myself creatively?

  • Do I have a passion for life? Do I feed this passion?

  • Do I live as my authentic self without fear or doubt?

Notice that most of these questions say "without fear and/or judgment", which is a big indicator of imbalance in the sacral chakra. A lot of fear and judgment resides in this chakra, especially in regards to who you truly are as a person, your desires, and sexuality. In the society we currently live in, sexual orientation and who's doing what with who has become scrutinized by everyone and their mom it seems like. When others can so easily pass their judgments towards you and extend that negative energy into yours, it can become difficult to remain balanced and keep a positive, open energy center (Hello, ego). While you can't prevent others from passing judgments, you can become more aware of your own energy and what you allow in. Do daily/weekly checks with yourself. When you feel those negative thoughts and emotions (shame, guilt, fear, judgment) arise-stop and ask yourself:

  • Where are these feelings coming from?

  • Are these my own emotions and feelings, or have they been projected onto me by another?

  • Why are these feelings presenting themselves to me, and what are they here to teach me?

  • How can I let go of these emotions and develop a better relationship with my emotional needs?

  • How can I be more honest about these needs and ensure that they are met?

You can do this while meditating, journaling, taking a bath, going for a walk-whatever works best for you and gets you into a more mindful state of mind.

Feel free to print or screenshot this mini-poster to refer back to whenever you're in need. I've included symptoms of balance/imbalance, and some various healing techniques.

Here, I've also included my favorite binaural beats video for sound healing. See our last post here where I touch on how beneficial sound healing therapy is. You can listen to this while meditating or doing any other mindful, calming practice you'd like. I definitely recommend listening with headphones. Just please don't drive while listening!

While listening, envision a beautiful orange light just below your belly button. It can be just a light, a mandala, a flower-whatever intuitively calls to you.

Envision this light growing more brightly, radiating in this energy center and showing any blockages, fears, judgments, or past traumas with it's light.

Continue to do this and as those fears and memories arise-don't give into fear.

Allow yourself to feel the emotion, there's strength in vulnerability and what's meant to see the light will always come to the surface.

Allow yourself the time to truly feel, don't be afraid to ask the questions I listed above.

Sit down with your fears.

Take a look at them.

Interview them.

Let them know that you no longer fear them and they are no longer welcome in your life.

Thank them for their lessons, and allow the light you've been envisioning to overcome and break through the negative emotions.

Now, see that the blockages are gone. See only the beautiful, orange sunset light you've created and how it's energy is free flowing, happy, and positive. Feel this energy radiate in your core for as long as you'd like, remembering to thank it.

Do this as often as needed. Remember-healing is NOT an overnight process and this will NOT be the "end all, be all" of your healing. It takes time and continuous effort. Be patient with yourself and your process, we are all a work in progress. Be positive and accepting of yourself, you're doing great!

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Feel free to comment below how you feel about healing this chakra and what your favorite techniques are. Engage with other readers, lets grow together!

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours.


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