Setting (and Meeting) Your Intentions to Manifest Your Dream Life.

Updated: Feb 17

Here's a big buzz word lately: intentions.

What are your intentions?

Are you meeting/living within your intentions?

Basically: are your actions creating the life you truly deserve and dream of...or are they just keeping you floating in the same spot forever?

When you first meet someone, especially as a woman, you can't help but wonder "what are their intentions?"

Meaning, what do you hope/plan/want to come out of this?

Setting intentions applies to literally everything we do in life.

You make the intention to eat better.

To have a morning routine.

To go to the gym more.

To have more patience with the kids.

To spend more quality time with your partner.

To not text while driving.

Whatever the case may be-we all set intentions. For everything we do. All the time.

But how often do we meet the expectation we have in mind with the intention?

How often do we LIVE within our intentions, actualizing them into reality?

That's where the struggle and frustration comes in.

You see, when we set intentions and don't take the aligned actions steps to actualize them...we consistently live in a fantasy world. One where you envision the life you want for yourself, but feel frustration and lack of clarity on how to ACTUALLY attain that life.

For many people, this is a lifelong struggle that results in them "settling for mediocrity", simply because they didn't take action steps towards fulfilling their goals.

It's self sabotage in it's purest form.

The more excuses you make for yourself,

the more you place blame on others,

the more you victimize yourself...

the more you will stay stuck in the same shit. Always hoping and wanting more, but never crossing that threshold to actually make it yours.

I know this first hand as a master self sabotager (former master, actually).

I had every excuse under the sun to not chase my dreams. make my goals. be more consistent. take action steps. etc, etc, etc...

But DAMN was I tired.

Fucking exhausted actually.

And within this exhaustion, the type where I felt I simply couldn't live this way anymore...I realized that I was the one getting in my own way all along.

And wow, what a tough pill that was to swallow.

It's interesting: no one wants to admit responsibility and that they are the reason their life is the way it is. It's so much easier to shift blame and supposedly makes us feel better...but DOES it?

Or does it feel much better, much more freeing, to accept responsibility and realize that just as we got ourselves into this situation, we also have the ability to take ourselves out and completely change our reality, taking control over our narrative and our power as a creator in our world rather than a mere puppet being strung along everyone else's story? (Mic Drop)

I damn near felt my head explode when I came to this realization.

I remember sitting there in meditation, and I literally burst out laughing and crying at the same time. Like a mad woman.

Because I couldn't believe that it truly was THAT simple, yet I had blocked myself from so long from ever seeing the clarity that was now laid neatly before me.

Now...that clarity is only part 1, and many people DO hit part one.

It's part two that's the tougher bitch.

Part two is working through the patterns and shadows that have gotten you stuck there in the first place.

Acknowledging your self limiting beliefs when they pop up, and DECIDING TO DO DIFFERENTLY.

Many of us are so stuck in our patterning, that even when we realize where we could be improving...we don't.

Simply because it's so far out of our comfort zone.

We're so comfortable being uncomfortable and wallowing in our self pity, that getting out of that comfort zone and doing something that's actually beneficial to our growth, is terrifying.


Because were scared of our own power.

The immense, vast, expansiveness of who we are on a soul level.

The fact that we are living within a hologram, like a video game, where our soul is in charge and our bodies are the players. Just as Shakespeare said, all the world is a stage and we're merely the players.

The fact that we can reach our fullest potential, have everything we've ever wanted, and create a life that feels so yummy and juicy for scares us that have never known or experienced it before.

So...we sit back. And dream. And wish. And envision...and don't take the steps towards our growth.

But what if?

What if you woke up today, and decided differently?

What if you did one thing, just ONE small thing, each day that scared you but promoted growth?

Such as starting a blog.

Or going live on facebook to talk about your passions.

Or going to a local meetup of people who shared in your vision.

Or even simply saying hello to someone at the grocery store.

Whatever it may be...imagine the possibilities of getting out of your own way.

Of actually DOING all the things you've envisioned and know to be possible for you.

Because guess what?

If you've envisioned it, dreamed it, thought's a POSSIBILITY.

Otherwise it wouldn't have ever entered your mind's eye.

If you can see it, you can make it your reality.


That's the secret formula to creating the life of your dreams.

Plain and simple.

This year, I invite you to do ONE thing a day that is out of your comfort zone but promotes growth and the life you truly want to live. Even if it's the same thing each day. Make the active choice to DO THE DAMN THANG.

And watch your life blossom right before your eyes.

As your growth progresses, inspire others to do the same!

Share your progress, what you're doing and how it's changing your life on social media!

Be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can root for you too!

Now THAT is how you Raise Your Vibes.

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