Third Eye Chakra Healing & Self Care

Today I want to talk about the importance of your Third Eye Chakra and opening it to the world around you. If you missed any of the prior chakra healing posts, I advise going back and doing each of the chakras in order. You can find each of the chakra posts in this series HERE.

Think of the Third Eye as a muscle, if you don't stretch and exercise it- it won't work as well.

The Third Eye is believed to reside where our pineal gland in our brain is. This pinecone shaped gland has rods and cones-the same way our eyes do. The ancients knew this long before "medical advances" were made. It is said that this is the seat of your soul-a sort of command center. Every spiritual tradition, across the world, has seen the third Eye as the connection between you and Source/Universe/God, whatever you'd like to call it. The pineal gland is also the gland that floods the brain with melatonin, regulating sleep and rest. It's also thought that this gland secretes DMT- which would make sense giving the dreams and visions we encounter as we sleep and our vivid imaginations and creative sparks. The ancients regularly took psychedelics, with great respect to the plant and another Earth for providing such beautiful medicine to connect them to the spiritual world. When used correctly (not as a "party drug"), the power of psychedelics can open your world wide open once again.

In the past, the sacredness and importance of the third Eye was well known and therefore spiritual practice and exercising of this chakra was common. Humans were much more connected to Source, and thus connected to the world around them. They were much more sensitive to energy, and knew much more than we currently do about the plants, animals, and earth herself. Psychic ability was common, as well as astral projection, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, and even telepathy. Over time as society has changed and spirituality has been pushed to the back of the mind, so to speak, our innate gifts have gone with it. This muscle hasn't been exercised the way it's intended, so it has become weakened or even dormant in some cases.

How has it become dormant? Without getting too deep into it (and I can go REAL deep, but we'll be here forever), if you cut off the connection to Source and your innate knowing and gifts- you are easier to control. Starting with religion, they partnered with leaders (Kings and Queens) who wanted to rule, and they began a fear based way of thinking and connecting with "God" Rather than one based out of unconditional love and unified connection. They knew that fear would divide, and division allows for people to turn against each other and therefore those who have put themselves in power can have the illusion of being above us. These rulers then establish giving a false sense of security (if you do THIS or THAT, I'll ensure that all sides are happy and taken care of). But really, no one is winning here.

Take the current state of our country at the moment. It's divided politically, religiously, by skin color, by job title, and even by who has money and who doesn't. There are so many different levels of separation, it's become very difficult for society to become unified once again. If the majority of people took a step back to see the bigger picture more clearly, and took the time to open their Third Eye once again, we would never allow things to be the way they are. Those in power would not be in power. United we stand, and those in power don't want that. Everything is controlled-from mass media, news, social media, ads-everything we see and hear. Chemicals and GMOs are in our food and water, making us sick. Fluoride is a big issue: added to toothpaste, water, and sodas. This chemical works to calcify the pineal gland over time. This is proven in autopsies where a calcified pineal gland grows a hardened shell around it. It's definitely worth taking the time to research.

I encourage you to take a detox. Even if it's for 14 days just to try it out and see how you feel. For 14 days, limit your screen time considerably. Spend time quietly reading, drawing, meditating, anything that brings you joy and a sense of calm. Go outside daily, at least 30 minutes, and get fresh air. If you listen to music- listen to instrumentals. No lyrics. (Binaural beats like the one above are great at home and during meditation, creating, before bed, etc). Drink lots of water (fluoride free of course) and eat a healthy, nutrient rich diet. Meditate at least 10 minutes daily.

Try this out for only 14 days. Take note of how you feel not just physically-but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You'll be shocked at how much "free time" you suddenly have once you unplug from screens for awhile, and how much better you feel and even sleep at night. See how your perception of the world around you changes. Notice the new connections that were not there before. Listen to your body and intuition. The changes you'll feel will be amazing...and in only 14 days. Imagine if you went longer? You'll honestly probably want to once you start.

Here's a Printable/Screenshotable to keep you in check. If you plan on doing the 14 day detox, I recommend printing so you don't accidentally get sucked into your phone looking for the screenshot (we've all been there).

Do you regularly exercise your Third Eye? What's your favorite method? Comment below, connect with others.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey. We hope to be a part of yours as well.


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