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Cheers to our first official blog post!

Starting A blog is something I've wanted to do FOR SO LONG. But I've always had this trait of NEVER staying on track, being forgetful, and flowing a million different ways (that Pisces energy, am I right?) so it was never brought into complete fruition/started but never went anywhere.

Well...I FINALLY feel like I'm in a place where I've allowed my intuition to guide me. I've been on this spiritual journey for some time, and I'd love to share my journey with you in hopes of building a connection. Whether you're newly opening yourself to this awareness and looking to feel "less alone" (we've all been there, some of us still are!), or have been following your own spiritual path for some time-we will have something to offer to you.

We will be sharing information to serve as a guide and a tool. Simply that. We don't have the answers to your problems. We don't know what works best for your situation. Only YOU have the answers. All answers lie within you, waiting for you to find them like a gift that's been tucked away for safe keeping until the time is right. That being said, we ask that you use your own intuition and discernment to choose what's right for you and discard what isn't. You know what's right for you and what will heal you. As guides, we will simply provide tools for self healing along your journey. These tools can include:

-Chakra Information and Healing Tips

-Guided Meditations

-Sound Healing

-Information on Bio-Geneology (a SUPER interesting topic I've fallen in love with!)


-Possibly ebooks in the future!

And much more over time.

If any any of this resonates with your soul, if you're interested in connecting with us and making us a part of your journey, feel free to subscribe! You'll get an email whenever we make a new post and we encourage people to comment on/discuss our posts. We hope to form a loving community where we can help each other to learn and grow.


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