Why the "Love and Light" Community is NOT All Love and Light

When I first began my spiritual journey, I totally fell into the "love and light" community.

I mean, coming out of the worst depression of my life where all hope was lost and coming across people who were spiritually healing and thriving through love, light, rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies...who WOULDN'T fall in love with that idea?!

If you come across this type of page on Instagram...run the other way. Unless you're looking for like Halloween ideas or something.

Luckily, I quickly learned that this was not the way to go.

I was practicing the love and light philosophy. Banishing negative thoughts and emotions that surfaced. Sending love to those who seemed angry or "low vibe", and staying away from low vibe people and places all together.

I was all about "the event" that was supposedly coming. Where our Earth would be hit with this energy wave of some sort that upgraded us from the third dimension into the fifth dimension. But not everyone, only those who had pure intentions and were already implementing a 5D way of living. This lifestyle includes: no negative, low vibe energy EVER. Only love, light, peace, and happiness ALWAYS.

Trust me, even as I'm writing this I can't believe I fell into this crazy mess. But then again, depression and desperation make us do crazy things.

I had a few problems with this. What about days I felt sad? Would this just go away within the 5th dimension? Was I no longer going to get angry, or was I even allowed to? What if I didn't meet the "criteria" when this supposed wave hit us? Would everyone elevate into this beautiful existence while I was left behind? And speaking of that...what about the rest of the world, the MAJORITY of the world that wasn't 5D inclined? Would we then be on completely different dimensional planes? Unable to interact with each other? Or would it turn into a medieval caste system where the 5D people were above us regular 3D folk?

This gave me more anxiety than I feel okay admitting.

What really happened from this is that I basically became a hermit to "protect my energy", shoved my shadows, fears, insecurities, etc under the rug with my "only positive energy may reside here" mantra, and began to collapse in on myself like a dying star.

Hmm...wasn't expecting that shit.

You see, like many things on the planet, people have twisted "light work" into something it's not.

It's become a HUGE source of spiritual bypassing.

Spiritual bypassing is basically creating an excuse for a totally and completely justifiably feeling you have. You know, because "spiritual".

It's honestly no better than the religious people that have committed atrocities, been completely racist, homophobic, *insert other social/moral injustice here* because, you know, "God".

And that's the craziest part of it all is that most people who are "spiritual" and new age-y usually left a religious upbringing BECAUSE of the bypassing (and other social/moral injustices).

It's almost as if this spiritual bypassing was created out of the comfort zone of those who left religion for a more open, accepting community.

Some examples I've come across:

"Your reaction has nothing to do with me, you're projecting your own insecurities at me."

-Sometimes true, or you could be acting like a dick and need to be called out.

"Banish negative energy away and only think positive vibes."

-Our shadows reside within a lower/negative energy. The only way to get those positive vibes is to give love and attention to our shadows so we can understand our full spectrum without judgment.

"Death to the ego!"

-Our ego is literally what makes us human and is a huge, if not the main, part of this experience your soul chose when it incarnated here. So you might as well get comfy with your ego and earn to integrate it in healthy ways.

"This guy gave me the creeps, but I'm sure it's just my own fears/past projecting it onto him. I won't judge him, he's probably a good guy."

-Your intuition is picking up on energy that isn't good, listen to it. Your intuition will never steer you wrong.

How did I finally break out of this "love and light, I'm a 5D fairy bullshit?

Allowing myself to collapse in on myself like a dying star.

Going within and asking all the questions I had rather than asking everyone and their mom (literally) what was going on.

From this honest conversation with myself, connecting with my Higher Self, and tuning into my body for intuitive hits...I learned that we are multidimensional beings on a soul level. Yes, we live on Earth-which is absolutely and completely a 3D experience. And this is a beautiful experience that we chose so we could experience the depth of human emotion-ALL emotion. Not just the "feel good" ones. And as for 4D, 5D, and beyond? We're capable of experiencing this (and often do!) within our lifetime because of our multidimensionality. But the best way to experience your fullest, most authentically embodied self in this lifetime? Incorporating both light AND shadow work into your daily practice. Accepting yourself. Getting to know, understand, and LOVE all aspects of yourself. Giving yourself the attention you need when your fears, doubts, insecurities, etc come up to the surface to truly HEAL rather than pushing them away. Within this confusing spiral, I was able to get closer to myself, understand myself across a soul and human level, and grow exponentially.

Light work is absolutely beautiful and can connect you to an expansive world around you.

It is a necessary part of growth, in balance.

It feels amazing, light, and airy.

It's definitely necessary as part of your growth, but it's not the only way and can't be used as just another way to sweep things under the rug with a pretty bow wrapped around it.

A true spiritual leader recognizes that it's through our shadows that we find our light at the end of the tunnel.

That true healing, authenticity, and embodiment come from a balance of both light AND shadow work energy and healing.

Just as a seedling rises through the darkness of the dirt before emerging into the light to grow.

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