Alchemy is the magical process of transformation. Energy cannot die, it can only be transmuted into different energy. Thus, I present this magical candle that packs a punch by transmuting negative, stagnant energy in your home into positive, free flowing energy. Made with purifying and cleansing frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood oil and herb, lavender oil and herb, and topped with sage. Made with 100% natural soy wax, and soy wicks. The large candle will also be topped with black obsidian chunk for further transmutation properties and clearing of your lower chakras-root, sacral, and solar plexus!Place this candle in your entryway to immediately cleanse the energy of all who enter your home, keeping the energy free flowing and pure. Perfect for detoxing, healing, and ridding your energetic body of any unwanted lower energies. Great for cleansings and makes a great housewarming gift. Will assist in a lighter environment, better moods, clear thinking and acting with pure intentions.  Candles are 4 oz and come topped with crystal chips.

Now you can bundle all 4 candles (Intentions, Climax, Loved, & Alchemy) together for added savings plus a free gift!


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  • Item ships within 3-5 business days from ordering.  Pickup/delivery is available for locals!  Just let us know in the notes when ordering and we'll schedule a day and time that works for us both.  Thank you.

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