There is nothing more frustrating than a stuffy nose. (Maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s definitely up there on the list). If you need to prepare for battle (or win the war) against allergies, sinus problems including infection, headache, and other cold related symptoms- try out this blend for immediate and lasting relief.Made from a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, and lavender oils-this blend will soothe nasal passage ways while also clearing up excess mucus and even fighting off infections and headaches caused by sinus problems. Can be inhaled or rubbed on your nose, sinus region, chest, back, and feet before bed. This breath of fresh air will have you feeling right in no time.All blends are diluted with organic coconut oil and Vitamin E oil as a natural preservative and antioxidant.Since no preservatives are used, oil separation is normal. Give it a swirl and roll it around before use to re-infuse. NOW AVAILABLE WITH CBD OPTION! 500 mg CBD oil can be added from the drop down menu.  Happy Healing!

Breathe-Cold/Flu Relief

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