Patriarchy is FALLING as our world gives rise to the Divine Feminine once again!


We see it with everything going on globally right now.


As we shift into the Age of Aquarius, we are shifting from the wounded masculine energy into the divine feminine, bringing a balance back into the earth.


With any new beginning...things must come to an end and be destroyed first.

And that can be scary, no doubt.

But also beautiful.


To assist you during this planetary shift, I proudly present the Divine Feminine Mala.


Made with loving rose quartz, healing amethyst, and powerful angolian clear quartz to induce a powerful healing over you while providing beautiful guidance and protection.

I’ve also included lava beads as the marker beads and to finish the necklace off so you can anoint them with your favorite healing essential oils to deepen your meditation and wellness practice.


The mala finishes off with the sri yantra, symbolizing the divine feminine awakening, and a rough clear quartz point to act as a master healer and amplifier of energy.


These beauties are hand made with high vibes, cleansed before shipping, and reiki attuned with universal life force energy.


Comes with a free gift as a thank you!

Divine Feminine Awakening Mala

$35.97 Regular Price
$26.98Sale Price
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