Now introducing the counterpart to my Divine Feminine Moon Spray...the Divine Masculine Healing Spray! You know, balance. While we have been under patriarchal rule for some time now and the scales are tipping once more to a matriarchal rule, men are struggling like never before. Many men have been told their whole lives to “man up”, “don’t show emotion”, “crying makes you weak” and so many awful, suppressing things that ultimately lead to a man feeling that he can’t express himself in healthy ways. Thus- Divine Masculine Healing Spray is born! Made with Sun Charged spring water with clear quartz and red jasper to get clarity while also getting in touch with your roots and who you are at a soul level. I added Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Blood Orange essential oils for a deeper scent with added freshness. Clear Quartz chips are added for additional healing benefits. This Spray will get you in tune with your intuition, balance hormones, promote clarity and introspection, peace of mind, and allow you to openly express your emotions in healthy ways, ultimately getting you in tune with who you truly are. Happy Healing! 

Divine Masculine Healing Spray

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