Reiki is the healing Universal Life Force Energy that we all have access to, but have forgotten how to access over the years.


As a certified Reiki Healer and Master, I can help to heal:

-Past Traumas

-Blockages due to trauma, fear, PTSD, etc

-Assist with addictions

-Release energy toxicity that is causing illness (digestive issues, headache, insomnia, sore throat, etc.)

-Release stagnant, low energy

-Balance your body, mind, and soul

-Assist with alleviating anxiety, depression, etc

-Open you up to connect with your Higher Self

-Boost your intuition and clarity

-Open you up to living a more motivated, healthy, and positive life And so much more.


It's important to note, a healing is NOT a "fix all, one time solution". It opens you up and brings to light what is needed to be healed, but it's YOUR job to continue doing the work and healing as part of your growth. I open the door, but it's up to you to walk through it and do what your intuition guides you to do.


I don't "heal you", I channel Universal Energy to heal you and serve as a guide and resource for your own self healing. Most teachers and healers won't tell you this, but this is absolute truth. As your healing guide-I will only give you the absolute truth. No sugar coating or beating around the bush-true tough love so that you may grow to your highest self.

Also please note, I am not a physician and I am not promising to "cure" any physical illnesses or diseases.  Please consult with your healthcare professional for your physical wellbeing.  Energy healing only alleviates physical symptoms that have manifested due to energy blockages.


Healing will include:

-Consultation and Energy Scan

-Healing Session

-Follow Up Care instructions plus messaged follow up to check in


NOTE: During the follow up, it may be decided that more than one healing is needed to fully heal certain areas. This is normal, and a lowered payment will be discussed.


If you're ready to open yourself to the innate Universal Energy and receive it's healing light, then let's work together to grow together! Thank you for being a part of our journey, we look forward to being a part of yours as well.



Reiki Healing

  • Please include your email address so that we can schedule your consultation and keep in contact throughout your healing process! 


    If you are outside the US, please note that payment must be made directly through PayPal to our individual account- PayPal.Me/raiseyourvibesco


    We apologize for any inconvenience, please message us with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!


    Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not available at any time.  If you need to reschedule, simply reach out to let me know!

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