Hey Beautiful Soul!

Raise Your Vibes Academy was created to help women learn the tools of healing and embodiment through balanced shadow and light work so they can live in alignment with their true purpose.


I created this course with so much love.

So much compassion.

So much room for growth and healing.

Think of this course as your “catalyst” point.  You get to make the most of it and honor your own unique energy in ways you never have before, standing empowered in your truth.


I guide you in a group of 12 women through 6 weeks of energetic mastery.

Within this sacred space, we are able to connect, heal, and bond together in beautiful and powerful ways that are sure to create lifelong friendships.


I take a no bullshit, no sugarcoating or beating around the bush approach-but do so in a loving way that only wants to see you step out of your comfort zone, rip apart the box you’ve been made to fit into for far too long, and step into your authentic, bad ass self.

Here’s how it works:


The first week is an “intro week” so you can get set up in the coursework (I use Thinkific) as well as join our private FB Group, make introductions with the ladies, and I hold an Opening Ceremony virtually through Zoom.  This is the time for setting intentions and getting clear on what you are ready to heal through while also opening yourself up to the space and intuitive flow.


Next we move into our modules, each module lasts one week meaning there are 5 modules total.

The first 2 modules are shadow work.

The third is a sacred pause for rest, reflection, and setting new intentions in your newly charged space.

The last 2 modules are for light work integration.


Here’s a breakdown:


Module 1- Break


During the "Break" module, we will break open the seeds you've planted while also working to break soul contracts, break the mold and conditioning that has been set by family and society, and break down the walls you've built around yourself.  This will begin opening you up to the deeper level of healing and growth that's to come.

Module 2- Dirt

During the "Dirt" module, we will work to strip everything that does not serve your highest good and get you back down to the base foundation of who you are (aka, your ROOTS).  We will do this with deep Shadow Work that includes Energetic Cord Removal, Confronting your fears, letting go of shame and guilt, healing ancestral and generational trauma, removing karma from past lives, seeing your blocks and resistance even subconsciously and learning to release them from your aura and physical body.  This is deep work across multiple timelines and dimensions and we work deep into your subconscious programming.  Think of the plant emerging from your seed, stretching through the dark dirt.  This is important inner work.  We will also have our first Plant Medicine Ceremony during this phase.

Module 3- Surface

Finally, a breath of fresh air as you emerge from the dirt and push through to the surface!  During the "Surface" module, we'll begin working on self love.  You will learn to set (and keep!) healthy boundaries, practice self care, adopt a healthier lifestyle (whatever that means for you!) and a healthy body image to go with it.  We'll work on setting intentions, manifesting, working towards our goals, and integrating mindfulness into your day to day.

Module 4-  Grow


During the "Grow" module, we'll begin working on positive self growth while raising our vibrations and maintaining a balance of energies.  You'll learn who your authentic Soul Self is and how to embody her each day.  You'll learn to recognize triggers and patterns when they come up, and learn the tools to work through them with the trust of your intuition.  This module is all about integration and embodiment by holding yourself accountable!  We will hold our second plant ceremony to end this module.

Module 5-  Bloom

In the final module "Bloom", we will LEVEL UP.  You'll begin flowing with the Universe, allowing your intuition to be your inner guide, and actively creating your life the way you want to.  In "Bloom", you'll learn how to channel, meet Higher aspects of yourself, dive into your akashic records, quantum jump and create wrinkles in time-meaning you'll reach goals faster and easier.  You'll learn what your soul's mission is in this lifetime and raise your vibration to meet the frequency of your mission.  At this point, you'll already be living in aligned balance!


Yes, it’s a plant metaphor!

Why?  Because you each hold the metaphorical seeds of what you wish to create within you.  Those seeds are just waiting for your attention, love, and cultivation to come to life.  Throughout the course you will break apart all you thought you knew, you will go through your shadows and darkness, burst forth into your light, then grow and bloom into your fullest fucking expresson.

Sound good so far?

Here’s all the good shit you get when you enroll:

-access to private fb group for connection and space holding

-moon guidance through the phases and zodiac signs so you can begin flowing with the natural rhythms of the world around you

-weekly 60 min group Sacred Circle calls for healing and guidance (6 total)

-coursework through Thinkific with video training, worksheets, journal prompts, guided meditations, and more

-chakra healing files with quick meditations (7 total)

-learning to trust and flow with your intuition, recognizing she’s your true superpower

-tools for energetic healing through both shadow and light work

-2 plant medicine virtual ceremonies (included with 2 of our Sacred Circle calls) using the Shamanic Blend pre-roll grown and created by Yolteotl_Pahtli

-goodie box sent to you

-graduates will have access to our private alumni group, lifetime access to coursework including all updates, 25% off all future courses, PLUS access to our yearly retreat for in person healing and connection (yay!)



This is for the woman who:

-is tired of hiding and playing small

-is ready to set boundaries for herself

-is ready to heal through her blockages and rise into her fullest expression

-is open to plant medicine healing

-is tired of “settling” and is ready to create the intuitive life of her dreams

-is ready to step into her authenticity, say fuck fear, and truly embody her Highest Frequency

This course is NOT for the woman who:

-is scared of change

-wants to stay in her comfort zone

-prefers to learn alone rather than in a group setting (if this is you, I also offer 1:1 mentorship here)

-is not open to plant medicine healing

-is not going to take the necessary steps towards change, growth, and show tf up for herself each and everyday


It’s truly an honor and privilege to share this work with you.

If you’re feeling the call and ready to take the next steps in your growth, I’m ready for you too!


Because I believe in full transparency, here’s what’s up:


We begin September 13, 2020

Paid in full- $800

Payment options:


2 monthly payments of $450

3 biweekly payments of $300

6 weekly payments of $150


Please note when you select payments, it raises the total price to $900

Simply click the price you're able to pay and it will take you to the invoice page to complete checkout!

After payment is received, I’ll email you your Welcome Packet with info (please provide your best email in your payment) and provide the link for our private FB Group!

I’ll also reach out to you to schedule a call just so we can get to know each other and connect before the course starts.

If you have any questions or would like to connect more before making a decision, my door (or inbox) is always open!  Shoot me an email at raiseyourvibes1111@gmail.com

It’s time lovely, your soul knows it.

I can’t wait to support you as you bloom into your fullest self &

Raise Your Vibes!

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